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Part time employee with an ACA marketplace plan and received a 1095C.

I've been with a large company for a long time as a part time employee. They don't offer health insurance to part time employees. Therefore to comply with the ACA, I signed up with the Healthcare Marketplace for the past few years and received a subsidy toward my premiums. However, this year I received a 1095C with code 1E on line 14 and code 2G on line 16. I'm not sure what this means. 


So if my company doesn't offer healthcare for part time employees. And if they did, no one within my company ever notified me of the change and that I was eligible for coverage. How can they send a form saying that they offered me healthcare coverage when they litterally never offered me coverage? I certainly can't afford to pay back all that subsidy. I'm not sure what to do. Any help is appreciated.



  • It appears that you are screwed.  These codes indicate that the employer coverage was minimum coverage and affordable:

    If your adjusted gross income (actually there are a few differences between this and the income for the ACA, but I will presume that this does not apply to you) is over 400% of poverty; if you were a single person in the conterminous USA - i.e., not Alaska or Hawaii - then poverty is $12060.

    According to this

    if your income is not over 400%, then there is a limit to how much you need to pay back.

    Now, all that said, if you were not notified by your employer that you had the ability to get health coverage from you, you might be able to wiggle your way out - or absent that - sue your employer for damages for not informing you that you could get coverage.  I suggest that you go to your employer's Human Resources department and ask for documentation that proves that you were properly notified that you had access to health coverage.  I would also contact your state's department of labor and complain about this; they will get to the bottom of whether you had been properly notified.  You should also contact your US Senator and ask for assistance in this.

  • Thanks for the reply swampwiz. I made a little under 200% FPL as an individual, so the repayment would be $300 according to the chart. However, I my income was more than I anticipated, so I had to pay that $300 back anyway on my taxes.

    I read some other articles on the topic and a couple of them said that the IRS could actually consider this fraud and make someone repay the whole subsidy with fines and/or interest. In my case, just the subsidy is almost $7000. Even if I somehow  became eligible. shouldn't they have notified me? If coverage has never been available to me in the past 10 years, how am I to know if coverage becomes available to me if they don't actually OFFER it to me? Seems kind of shady to retroactively say that I was eligible for coverage by way of a 1095C that they never told me was available to me when it became available to me, after I have received an Obamacare subsidy for 12 months. 
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