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H4 visa Texas Medicaid

Am I eligible for Medicaid if I am on H4 visa? I am not working at present and expecting a child in January 2018.

Can insurance kick in faster for a pregnant woman after special enrollment is successful? Right now there is minimum 15 days gap. So for coverage to begin November 1st, I have to apply by October 15.



  • Anyone that is considered a legal resident alien who does not have coverage provided for is eligible for both purchasing an ACA plan and getting the premium tax credit.  Such aliens are not eligible for Medicaid, although in a feat of extraordinary irony, they are eligible to get a premium tax credit even if their income is below poverty, an option not allowed of citizens.

    All that said, it would seem to me that the regulations for the H1B visa mandate that such an employee be given family coverage through the employer, and the H4 visa is for immediate family members, and thus should be covered by that coverage.  This sounds very suspicious, and I think that the Department of Homeland Security should be alerted.
  • Thanks for your response. My spouse - H1B - insurance is being paid by the employer. However, I don't think there is any mandate that requires the employer to cover the entire family. I'll check with my employer or attorney.

    Any idea about the second part of the question - the 15 day wait period from special enrollment to insurance kick in date?
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