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Now that I have retired my wife needs health insurnace

edited November 2016 in Obamacare Debates and Opinions Posts: 1

I am 67 years old and recently retired after 48 years with
the same company. My wife is 58 years old. While I was working my employer
sponsored health insurance for me and my wife was $277 per month or $3324

My annual income before I retired was $103,000 and my wife
did not work. In retirement with pensions, SS and 401K our annual income will
be $81,000. My wife is 58 years old and so I went to start her insurance for
2017. Comparable insurance plan to my employer sponsored will cost $1,905.63
monthly, cheapest bronze plan is $889.31 monthly. Combine the bronze insurance
cost for my wife with my Medicare premium, supplement premiums and her
deductibles our monthly insurance will be $1,647 a month or $19,764 annually.
That is 24% of my retirement income. That is a disaster for me. I should have
never retired! Worked all my life, paid hundreds of thousands in taxes and now
I get shafted when I retire. I am not rich but because I am middle income
bracket I will have to pay 24% of my retirement income for medical insurance.
Obama care has ruined my retirement. Cancel any travel or fun things. This is
not fair and I want something done about it. I have saved and planned for
retirement. Budgeted $400 per month on my wife's insurance and now find it will
cost $900 per month with $5,200 deductible and 50% copayments. Why do the middle
income carry all the burden? There are fewer of us every day. Wished I had
never voted for Obama.

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