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Long Term Disability Tax Free

I am on long term disability, which is tax free, my cobra will run out dec 31, 2016,  Will I qualify for a discount, being that I'm on long term disability and do not pay taxes, it was pretaxed so that;s why I do not pay taxes on this income.  Please advise thank you


  • If by what you mean for "tax free" is that is not part of the total income on line 22 (or whatever it is) of the 1040 form, then yes, it does not count towards the income used by the ACA.  Of course it depends on what the rest of your income is, since if your income is less than 100% of poverty, you get no tax credit, although you would be eligible for Medicaid, provided that your state is not run by jerk Republicans and thus has not expanded Medicaid.
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