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is is normal to wait for more than 6 month to renew health insurance?

edited September 2016 in Obamacare Debates and Opinions Posts: 1
Hi, I may be posting in the wrong place. I apologize if I am doing that. I have been waiting for renewing my health insurance for more than 6 months. More importantly, I never cancelled the insurance I had. Someone who is working for the government cancelled my health insurance by a mistake and I am taking the disadvantages. The thing is, I have to pay more than $3,000 for my university insurance if they do not finish renewing my insurance until mid September. I have called the insurance help desk for thousand times and they do not let me contact to people who actually are working on my case. The fact that I can't even talk to them makes me feel more desperate. I just should shut my mouth and get ripped off. so technically, I can't do anything but need to pay for two insurance which I never used. I think that I am not the only one who is having this kind of problem. If anyone has any advice for me to figure this out, please put a comment for me. Thank you.


  • Your posting is missing a lot of information.  I will presume that you had an ACA Exchange plan but then signed up for a plan as a university student, which triggered the Exchange to cancel your policy there.  And now the company handling the university insurance are not helping you.  Or perhaps you are a graduate student and getting an assistance-ship?  On what date is your university insurance to be terminated for non-payment?

    You can immediately file a complain with your state's (which would be the state for the university) insurance commissioner, who can force the bureaucracy to address your concerns.  And the ACA does not remove the ability to get an Exchange plan just because an educational institution offers coverage (i.e., to its students; if it offers it as an employer, including as a graduate student, then it can happen).  And since this seems to involve the ACA, I would ask for assistance from your Congressman or state representative, who can get your in touch with someone who can force the Exchange to sign you up for a policy.  (I would contact both; one will be obligated to assist you while the other will say that it is the other government's concern.)

    Perhaps what is going on is that you have insurance currently, but you have been told that you need to pay $3K to continue your insurance at the end of September.  In that case, if you were to not pay, your insurance would be canceled, so you have the right to get a plan starting in October.  Do you have a letter that states when your insurance will be canceled for non-payment?  Once you have that notification you can get an ACA Exchange plan.  But you need to sign up for an ACA plan before the 15th of the month to get coverage starting the next month.  I would also describe your situation to all those governmental folks I had mentioned that your situation is very urgent as you could quickly find yourself without health coverage.
  • I think it just depends. I have noticed most of the healthcare providers are CRAZY SLOW! I waited to be approved and mailed insurance cards for my kids, for seven months!! My app has been pending for over a year and I can never get them on the phone!
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