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Married legal resident who's wife lives in Cuba

Married legal resident living in Florida who's wife lives in Cuba. He's processing immigration papers but can't be sure she'll be in the U.S. next year to file a joint tax return.
My questions refer to input on the Obamacare app regarding:
-His marital status
-Will file or not a joint return
-Place of residence of spouse
Here are the problems:
-if stated as married and wife isn't in the US to file income tax next year, what happens?
-If stated as single he won't get as much tax credit
-stating as single is really not true even though his wife is not in the US
-if I choose he won't file a joint return, no credits
Called the Marketplace and a supervisor had no idea on how to handle this situation.


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    Contact your Congressman's office for assistance; they will get you in touch with someone in CMS & IRS who can get you answers.

    It doesn't matter where in the world he got married or where in the world his wife resides; he is married.  He does not have to - indeed cannot - get coverage for someone who is not a citizen or legal resident, so he would only be getting coverage for himself.  Since he is married, he needs to get a tax identification number (which is equivalent to a Social Security number, for the IRS) for his wife, and he files as a married couple.
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    Well I'm sorry to say but that sounds like a nightmare to have to deal with.  The whole citizen thing will probably keep your wife from getting coverage but that is not to say that there are not options there.  To be honest I have no idea, but I would say the best way to go about finding out would be to do your research, which is easier said than done I realize.
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