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Our duty to help others

edited December 2015 in Obamacare Debates and Opinions Posts: 1
I understand how the Obamacare system can potentially be abused, and that is unfortunance. However, there truly are people who really need this help and the mark of a great country is the willingness to help others. Obamacare is financealy damageing to a lot of people but human lives are truly worth more than simple money. I am intrested to hear the arugment against it. 


  • I'm fighting to stay off of Obamacare. My argument against it is people are being forced to buy insurance that has too high of copays to be useful to them.  I have HIV and am getting assistance from Ryan White funds to pay premiums on my individual policy.  They are trying to force me to switch to an ACA plan, even though my private plan has a pharmacy copay of $25 per month compared to the ACA plan's 50% copay which is $900.  It makes no financial sense, but they want me on Obamacare.  I set up a go fund me page hoping I can opt out of government assistance with my healthcare altogether: https://www.gofundme.com/n3fmmpb8 ; I'm afraid failing that they are going to stuff me down into medicaid.
  • Agreed with amnomad. While I think it's a fantastic idea, and that it really can help people who truly need it, it's also forcing people to buy something they can't really afford. I'm not sure when forcing people to do something they couldn't do as a way to make sure they do it ever became the smart option. I think it just needs revision, something to fix the obvious errors. 
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    Well I think that this is the whole sentiment that is behind it, but then again when you actually put it into practice, especially in a space that is already all tied up, like healthcare, then that is where all these problems come it.  There is just so many people, but I do think that the law and the intention are there.  Who knows though, and I guess we'll just have to see.
  • As with everything you will always be able to find someone to complain or have a differing opinion. The topics you touch on are very true. The way you can judge a society is by how it treats its most vulnerable citizens. I think the biggest problem with healthcare is just the size of the population of the United States. The more people there are the more costs that will be involved. I have not formulated my complete opinion on Obamacare or nationalized healthcare for that matter. I will say with my personal experience, I work at a company that use to offer free health care, as in no money was deducted from my bi-weekly pay check. Two years ago for the first time in 65 years they began to charge us for our traditional healthcare plan and they were also pushing us to switch to a HSA plan. I stuck with the old plan and now pay a good amount of money a month for it. That experience has been negative but if the money I pay can go to someone who needs it I am ok with that.
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