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UnitedHealth considers ditching ACA's exchanges due to giant losses

I saw a recent news article that UnitedHealth Group has lost $425 million from health plans sold on the Affordable Care Act's marketplaces, which forced the company to lower its profit projections for the rest of the year. They said they may exit the exchanges altogether by 2017.

I told you Obamacare is going to be a disaster!  What does anybody think about this now?  If the big health insurers quit Obamacare then the options will decrease and premiums will go up.


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    I have UnitedHealth. And there raising my premium over 50% makes me sick, it isn't worth anything unless I have a in hospital stay. Changing carrier for 2016, but I've been hunting their all ridiculously high
  • United Health Care must be doing something incredibly wrong. The insurance companies around here are recording record profits. I just have to wonder what the difference is. Perhaps their executives and sales people and retires are making way too much money? I'm sure their contracts with doctors and hospitals aren't that much worse than any of the other ones. Obama Care is a good excuse though. Are they looking for a bail out yet?
  • How is this a "disaster"?  So what?  As long as there is an insurer, there will be plans.  In fact, for folks getting a premium tax credit, it would be better for there to be fewer insurers as there could be a larger difference between the lowest and 2nd lowest cost Silver plan, thereby allowing for a smaller net premium than the require contribution.

    What is bad is the way that the co-ops are all failing; of course they are failing in large part because the jaga33 Republicans tightened the funds they needed to get stable.

    The bottom line is the ObamaRomneyHeritageCare is here to stay until the Republicans can pass something better (which they won't be able to do.)
  • I can't agree with you more.  I have had United Healthcare insurance for over 5 years now and it has been excellent insurance.  Unfortunately, my policy was discontinued because of the ACA and the new policy that was offered to me I could not afford.  Now, I am stuck with another insurance company that is not as good as UHC and the policy is much worse than the one that I had. 
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