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Does Medicare qualify for ObamaCare Health Insurance?

Last year I paid a penalty for not having health insurance because I knew I would be getting Medicare starting in Jan. 2015.  Does Medicare qualify as an accepted health insurance under the new health care law?   Thank you.  

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    Hi Gary:  If you qualify for and have Medicare then you should not have to pay the penalty,but I think you need to file a form with your taxes declaring you're on medicare.  I would talk to your tax person about that.


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    My kids live in Kentucky, while I'm in Tennessee. I believe medicare is exactly what Kentucky is offering. Every resident in the state will get it if they don't have any other health insurance.
  • So the type of insurance required to comply varies from state to state?  I live in WV and was just wondering if I was going to have to pay a penalty again next year.  It gets higher each year if you're not insured.  
  • The states who chose to cover everyone, is that not medicare?
  • If you already have medicare, you shouldn't have to pay a penalty. I think the reason why you had the penalty is because you didn't have medicare as of yet.
  • Nailah783, When I filed my taxes for 2014 I had not gotten health insurance for the 2014 calendar year, so I paid the penalty.  The first penalty payment was cheaper than any insurance plans I was finding, and I knew I would be getting Medicare starting in Jan. of this year (2015).  So this is why I wanted to make sure that it qualifies with the new law so I won't have to pay the larger, 2nd year Penalty next time.  I am now looking for an affordable Medicare supplement, or Medigap, but all of those appear to be out of my price range as well.  My medical bills keep growing, even though I am responsible for the remaining 20% after Medicare pays, it adds up pretty fast.  Thanks for everyone's help!  I appreciate it!  
  • LilAnn,  No I don't believe so.  Folks who get Medicare either are of retirement age (65 or older) or have been approved by a panel of doctors to be disabled and unable to work.  Under these guidelines Medicare would not cover "everyone".  
  • You have to look up your state regulations and go from there. I think it's different everywhere.
  • If you're asking if Medicare counts as minimum insurance coverage so you will not be assessed the penalty during tax season, then yes it counts. If you're eligible for Medicare, you should definitely sign up, because it'll provide better coverage than Obamacare plans. Also, they may even bar you from signing up for an Obamacare if you are Medicare eligible.
  • Yes i think so. The best thing you can do is go to their website and check in the FAQs and see what the qualifications. I do believe that every one has a right to obamacare though! 
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    From my understanding the whole point of Obamacare was not to really override or interfere with already existing Medicare and Medicaid programs, but then again I am coming to find that a lot of things that I thought were true are not really that, so I am not surprised to hear otherwise.
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