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Why are you not signing up for health coverage through the Affordable Care Act?

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I'd like to know what is your experience with the health insurance coverage you've received through the Affordable Care Act? As you already know, the anniversary of enrollment is coming up and some people are just not interested in renewing their existing plan or even signing up at all. Why doesn't it interest you.

I’m specifically looking to interview folks on camera Monday 9/29 here in Times Square NYC or via Skype (anywhere). 


  • Posts: 33
    I did sign up during the original debacle before the deadline but I am still not insured. They wanted me to fill out some paperwork and put a voided check in to set up an automatic monthly bank draft for my premium. I did this and mailed it to BlueCross BlueShield and it was returned stating:

    "We recently received your request to add Monthly Bank Draft to your policy. Unfortunately, our records indicate that you have an open invoice on your account that must be paid current before we start you on this program."

    Open invoice? This is a brand-new account. This paperwork was supposed to PAY for the insurance.

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  • I tried to sign up in North Carolina and they said I didn't qualify because I wasn't working.  OK, so now what?  I know I am struggling right now and you want me to do this and I did what you told me to do, but you turned me away.  I sent a letter to the White House and I got a nice card back saying, "Thank you for writing the President" 

    So, now I wait until someone decides to basically donate their services to me so I can get health care here. It's the weirdest set up I have ever seen.  I guess some states did have the option to opt out.  And I live there! 
  • Tennessee doesn't like Obama. So they punish everyone who lives in this state by making them buy 201$/month insurance or pay the penalty at the end of the year. I can't afford 200$ a month.

    Kentucky, exactly one mile away from me, has provided every single resident with health coverage.So, yeah, I live one mile away from health insurance. Its hard to believe I'm walking distance from being able to go to the doctor about my ankle that went "pop!" when I fell in a hole 2 months ago, and is still swollen. Yet, I'm close enough that, even with my swollen ankle, I could walk there.
  • I have Medicaid and it's accepted by most places. I rarely go to the doctor, so at least when I do go I'm covered. It's nice and easy. I'm also a SAHM so I don't really need to worry about it.
  • I haven't signed up for Obama's Affordable Health Care because quite simply it's not affordable. Hard to believe that a single person with no dependents and no current health issues has to pay of $7,000.00 a year for something that she may or may not use. It is not designed for Baby Boomers that aren't rolling in retirement money. Struggling to pay for insurance in case I get sick is likely to make me sick.
  • I am not signing up this year for this because I can not afford to pay the premiums for the insurance. I would be literally working just to have insurance. I have never seen deductibles as high as what mine would be. I think I would like to take my chances not having insurance and getting sick and having to deal with it then. It is sad to think the government spent all this time and money on rolling something out that all people could have access to, and it still not be obtainable for most people. Everyone I have spoke to on this also says they will pay less taking the penalty than signing up for insurance, and that is just sad.
  • I have not been to a doctor since I was in high school. Other than being pregnant, which was covered by medicaid through the hospital I delivered at. Since having my children, I do not make doctor appts for myself, as I dont feel I need to. I feel like I would be waisting money on insurance for myself since I would never use it. 
  • Posts: 70
    I am very thankful to not really having to deal with it much so far.  I thought that I was going to have to, and so I got a start with it, and it was a pain, but then I ended up going through an employer.  It makes me nervous though, because I am hearing that this may cease to be the case in a lot of places (the employer option that is) if things keep as they are, but I am really not sure.  I guess we will have to wait and see.
  • What are you going to be covering with your on camera interview? I am in the Time Square area and would love to offer my input. Before I do I would like to know what the footage will be used for. Thanks!
  • guyguy
    Posts: 10
    I actually did want to sign up for it, but I wanted to wait to see what many other people were going to say about it. The numbers to me are fake, and I'm talking about the numbers the president always talks about in his healthcare speeches. He says more and more millions are on healthcare, but they can barely afford it. 

    Plus many people lost there insurance due to obamacare, it's not worth it to me. I'd just save my own money.
  • I am not signing up because I have medical coverage through my employer. I will say that my payments and copay has gone up since Obamacare has been created, but I am also not complaining. If I was out of work or my employer did not offer health benefits I would want some type of coverage.
  • I have signed up under the affordable care act online. It brought me to a page where i had to apply for medicaid in my state. I applied for my kids and myself. This was a year ago, by the way. All my children were accepted and a card was sent. My application is STILL pending, and has not even been reviewed. I have applied again since, physically went to the state office and applied, and have called to no avail. 
  • I haven't signed up for it becasue I can not afford it, plan and simple.  It cost me about 200-250 a month and I don't go to the doctor enough to justify it.  I go to our local clinic and it cost 100 for anyone to have a doctor appointment, I go about 3-4 times a year so paying 400 dollars a year is better to me then paying 200-250 a month for something I won't use often.  
  • Its still not affordable. They claim its affordable and goes by your income, yet I really doubt it. We are a single income household, family of 5, and bring home maybe $1600 after taxes and they wanted $500 a month. We just cannot do it! Its crap, its not affordable for low income at all. 
  • guyguy
    Posts: 10
    You're right about that, I don't believe on anyway that $200 or $250 plus is enough for me to justify, and on top of that, many people pay that and get denied when they need it. 

    I hate the system, I'd rather save my own money, this system is built on capitalism, I know that for a fact because this is the way the government works, they want to most money out of you. 

    How can you not call it capitalism when you charge people a fine when they file income tax returns and they find out that the person wasn't covered. Since when should it be illegal for anyone to not be covered by insurance, it's their own got damn life.
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