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  • Part time employee with an ACA marketplace plan and received a 1095C.

    It appears that you are screwed.  These codes indicate that the employer coverage was minimum coverage and affordable:

    If your adjusted gross income (actually there are a few differences between this and the income for the ACA, but I will presume that this does not apply to you) is over 400% of poverty; if you were a single person in the conterminous USA - i.e., not Alaska or Hawaii - then poverty is $12060.

    According to this

    if your income is not over 400%, then there is a limit to how much you need to pay back.

    Now, all that said, if you were not notified by your employer that you had the ability to get health coverage from you, you might be able to wiggle your way out - or absent that - sue your employer for damages for not informing you that you could get coverage.  I suggest that you go to your employer's Human Resources department and ask for documentation that proves that you were properly notified that you had access to health coverage.  I would also contact your state's department of labor and complain about this; they will get to the bottom of whether you had been properly notified.  You should also contact your US Senator and ask for assistance in this.

  • Do you think Obamacare will be repealed with the change of President after the next election?

    I am not sure why RWT wants his fellow Americans to die from lack of health care ...

    I think this question has already been answered by the way that the Republicans, leading up to the latest SCOTUS case concerning ObamaRomneyHeritageCare, were falling all over themselves to assure nervous constituents that their premium tax credit would not be rescinded.  The "plans" that they have been coming up as replacement all keep the major tenets of ObamaRomneyHeritageCare intact (although less generous with the tax credit), with the major exception of the mandates. both on employers (of a certain size) & individuals; their plans completely dispense with the employer mandate (which I agree with as the best way to ensure the political viability of ObamaRomneyHeritageCare is to take away the ability of folks to get tax-advantaged coverage via their employer, forcing them into the individual market, the strengthening of which is what ObamaRomneyHeritageCare was all about), but seem to come up with a quirky rule that folks who do not keep coverage lose the right to purchase regulated coverage.  This last part is the typical, cynical way that Republicans operate: get a law that sounds great at first, but that later becomes bad; in this case, what would happen is that folks would find out that they are both sick and not eligible to get coverage, thereby making those gutless t3rds put back in the guaranteed issue, but without the individual mandate, which would really screw over folks who wouldn't get a tax credit based on the cot of coverage.