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ObamaCare is an abomination. It's going to destroy healthcare in America!

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ObamaCare is an abomination.  It's going to destroy healthcare in America!  If anybody believes different they are crazy!!!


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    I disagree.  I'm understanding that it's the same system they have in MA and in Canada.  President Obama says it will help give affordable care to lots of people that cannot get health insurance, and I believe him!  For people that already have medical insurance their cost should not go up and may go down, and they can keep the same insurance they already have.  I don't understand why people are so negative about Obama Care.
  • ErcErc
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    This is not the same system in Canada.The Canadian government pays for the peoples health insurance,if you go to Canada and get injured the government pays the bill.Obama Care and the Federal government pay $0 for the peoples health care.It would have to be a taxation not a law requiring U.S. residence to have health insurance.He has no plan on cost for this health coverage.We cant get free medicine from pharmacutical companies.This skyrockets the cost of medicine.The people or the insurance companies are forced to buy it!.Thank god Obama cant run for president again.I hope we can hang on another 4 years and get someone more practical as the President.
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    Hi Erc:

    But in Canada taxes are much higher because everyone has health insurance.  It's built into the system.  In a sense Obama care is the same because it ensures/requires that everyone has health insurance and pays their fair share, not as a federal tax like Canada (that would be too extreme for America at this point) but as a monthly cost to the plan administrator.  
  • I agree and the American people are too blind to see it. They don't care to question or fight against things. The people are too lazy. That's how the system is made. They get people too busy to care.
  • If our tax dollars were not squandered there would be plenty to go toward health care with money leftover.  They spend frivolously and give money to foreign countries, even though our own country needs it more.  And this is not just an Obama problem, it has been going on like this for decades.  If there was some kind of oversight on what they waste tax money on I'm sure most Americans would want to lynch every politician from the highest tree.    
  • I believe the medical industry needs to have better controls in place. The insurance industry also, but if a plan is implemented in the United States it always affects the individuals more than the corporations. It's hard for individuals to wade through all the legal mumbo jumbo in the Affordable Health Care Act so the government knows we will do what we have to do. No Health Insurance is not something we should be penalized for but rather than fix wages and jobs they found this way to make us pay. A tax penalty is just like a tax rate increase if you ask me. 
  • I agree with CherylTorrie, "the medical industry needs to have better controls in place" I think Obamacare is a step in the right direction, because it'll force the government to actually look into the cost of healthcare. Right now, depending on what insurance you have the same medical procedure can cost differently. I saw an article saying the price a colonoscopy can cost anywhere from $300-$10,000 depending on what facility you use, and what insurance you carry. The total cost (copay + what insurance pays) is often never seen by the customer, because insurance often covers a lot of it.  Therefore, there's no supply and demand forces that would control the cost normally. 

    Also, there needs to be tighter controls on those who are abusing the system. For example, those that are hiding income to qualify for Medicaid (which usually covers almost all the cost for the patient). There are doctors that lost their licenses, because they got caught fraudulently billing for medical devices, procedures, and tests that the patient never received, or didn't need.  If that is cleaned up, it potentially provides more money to fund things like Medicaid and Obamacare.
  • Not to be rude, but what evidence have you given of anything? You say we're crazy to believe differently, then give me reasons as to why. I can be a reasonable person, and will listen to reasoning. 
    Personally, I don't think it's destroying America at all. It's not the fix-all everyone wanted, that's for sure. We would not be able to adopt Canada's policies with Healthcare because as of the economy right now, we just couldn't afford it. But we needed something better than what we had. 
  • Thank you for all these response to such a stupid thread. I have been trying to find out a legitamte response to why people hate obomacare for awhile now. I think I may have finally found some solid evidence for why this is simply a matter of public opinion.
  • Of course it's a simple matter of public opinion. And a fair amount of it is also public opinion of Obama in general. Hell, Obama could have cured cancer and people would still be saying things like, "He cured cancer for his own agenda! His cancer cure induces brainwashing techniques!" Simply because they don't like him. It won't change, it's the same with every president. 
  • Is repealing the entire system, as republican candidates mention? Or changing specific parts and leaving others the answer?
  • Modification. Fix the problems by adjusting, not taking away things as a whole. We have to learn to adapt and change as the world changes, not take everything away. 
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    I'm from the UK and I can't believe that people in America are against Obamacare. Making healthcare affordable for all is a necessity, there might be some initial problems with the system but they can be fixed in time. Other countries like here in the UK have our heathcare paid for by the taxes we all pay so healthcare is ''free at the point of use''. I think Obamacare is heading in the right direction.
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    Well these are the sorts of statements that I would really like to avoid, because they are clearly grounded in some pretty intense feelings.  That is fine and all, and I certainly respect the opinion, but I just prefer a little more objective sense of wording.  It might very well be correct too for all I know, but still.  I do happen to disagree as well though, but I am not really sure if it will be an overall positive or a negative for the country.  If nothing else, I do hope that it provide insurance options for those who might not have been able to receive them before the new laws.
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    It's unusual to see such a strongly worded thread without any information in the OP's reasoning?
  • How can you prove this is an abombination? I am not taking a side here, I am guinely curious. I think its just another heathcare market out there and the govt is making the money, not these other companies. Why would we support this?
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