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I cannot afford insurance. What am I suppose to do.
  • I am  self employed  .Family of four   I have no health insurance.  I don't qualify for  gvmt  aid.   There is no way I can afford  this.  So please tell me what I am to do.
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  • It's terrifying how many people are in that predicament. I'm a working student and the affordable plans that I'm offered are freakishly unaffordable. I think the easiest way to get insured is to go on unemployment or something.

    Kidding aside, you may be able to get cheap plans for your kids. I really hope you find a solution. Good luck!
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  • Not to be rude but this is the reason that everyone needs to purchase insurance - and now we actually have ways to do it. Asking the taxpayers to continue to cover you and your family isn't right.  You will need healthcare - your family will need healthcare - and others will pay for that trip to the ER.  Depending on which state you are in there are many choices (unless you are in MS where we have pretty much one choice and it's crappy).

    Here is the info on how what qualifies you to not purchase the insurance - if the cost is more than 8% of your income then you don't have to.

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  • I know there are plenty of options at helthcare.gov. My wife and I signed up for blue cross texas (go figure), and our policy effective 3/1/2014. $269.88 per month
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  • Follow the links below. You'll be surprised at what you can find
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