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I cannot afford insurance. What am I suppose to do.

edited November 2016 in Obamacare Facts for Employers Posts: 1
I am  self employed  .Family of four   I have no health insurance.  I don't qualify for  gvmt  aid.   There is no way I can afford  this.  So please tell me what I am to do.
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  • It's terrifying how many people are in that predicament. I'm a working student and the affordable plans that I'm offered are freakishly unaffordable. I think the easiest way to get insured is to go on unemployment or something.

    Kidding aside, you may be able to get cheap plans for your kids. I really hope you find a solution. Good luck!
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  • Not to be rude but this is the reason that everyone needs to purchase insurance - and now we actually have ways to do it. Asking the taxpayers to continue to cover you and your family isn't right.  You will need healthcare - your family will need healthcare - and others will pay for that trip to the ER.  Depending on which state you are in there are many choices (unless you are in MS where we have pretty much one choice and it's crappy).

    Here is the info on how what qualifies you to not purchase the insurance - if the cost is more than 8% of your income then you don't have to.

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    I know there are plenty of options at helthcare.gov. My wife and I signed up for blue cross texas (go figure), and our policy effective 3/1/2014. $269.88 per month
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    Follow the links below. You'll be surprised at what you can find
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  • That's where the government wants us to be at. Either we pay an arm and a leg or we're out of luck. But I'm sure you can still find something, you just have to do your research and ask around. Good luck to you.
  • This is part of the problem with the plan. You make too much for medicaid, and not enough to do it on your own. Still, I believe that there is a plan out there for you and your family. This is the part that I hope they come up with a solution for soon because there are a lot of people in your shoes.
  • You need to give us more information, presuming that you're not just a stupid anti-ObamaRomneyHeritageCare troll or some other idiot.  The only way you would not be able to get a tax credit and/or afford a policy is:

    (1) You are an illegal alien - in which case I suggest that you start to respect the law and go home.

    (2) You have an income of less than 100% of poverty and live in a state with a jagga33 governor/legislater - in which case I suggest that you be more "optimistic" about your income situation and give out the amount of 100% of poverty + $1 (there is - or at least was - a bug in the federal exchange algorithm that did not allow an income of exactly 100% of poverty to get the tax credit); if your income ends up not getting to this level, you will not have to pay back the tax credit

    (3) Either you or your spouse that has been offered insurance by his employer, but not for the family; this is an unfortunate crack that needs to be fixed - in this case, I suggest that you or your spouse find a job that does not offer insurance so that you can get the tax subsidy, I would also start voting Democrat so that this and other issues with ObamaRomneyHeritageCare get fixed. 
  • I should also say that if your income is above 400% of poverty, then you can afford insurance without a tax credit.
  • Do you not qualify for Medicaid? That's the easiest route to go. But if not, then keep looking. Otherwise you'll have to pay a fine apparently.
  • The only way is to be able to bring in more income to cover for insurance. Its considered a requirement, so in this situation, you would need more hours at work, or a second job. I totally understand where you are coming from though. 
  • guyguy
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    If you are able to save up anything then get a bank account and start saving. It's better to have some type of money than nothing in a situation when you need it. The government could offer free national healthcare, but they don't want to give back the people money in the form of public service because the government is being run like a corporation. They choose what they want to do with the peoples money. It's wrong but I'll just leave the country soon anyway.
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    Looks like a lot of people are in a similar situation, and I am not too far removed from it myself.  I consider myself lucky to find a job that has benefits, because they seriously just are not out there anymore like they used to be.  It is crazy how things can change so quickly.
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    swampwiz ...you mentioned "your spouse that has been offered insurance by his employer, but not for the family; this is an unfortunate crack that needs to be fixed".  That is exactly our situation...husband covered but on my own for me and our 3 kids.  Explain why does this screw us more?  Our premium went from $450 (2014) to $550 (2015) to $768 (2016) to $1043 (2017) within 3 yrs.  It's killing us!
  • OK, I see your situation - termed te "family glitch" - but unfortunately, I cannot offer you any relief.  The ACA had a few oversights in its drafting, and this is one of them; if the Republicans in Congress were not nihilists, this issue would have gotten fixed.  Hillary promises to get this fixed, but if the Republicans still control either house of Congress, this issue may continue to fester.  I highly recommend that you vote for Hillary and the Democrats; if you find yourself unable to do that because of other political issues, then I say that you are getting what you deserve.

    Now if I were you, I'd first tell hubby to look for a job in which insurance for the family is provided.  Absent that, I would go without insurance, and if something expensive were to pop up, I'd tell hubby to quit his job so that you could go on Medicaid; even in states that haven't expanded Medicaid, typically families with children are still eligible.
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