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  • I think ObamaCare is going to decrease the cost of health insurance overall.
    There are lots of questions and we are here to help you. There is never a charge for our service and whenever you decide on a plan we will guide you thru the enrollment process. Our platform has insured more than 2 MILLION People since 2001. You will have the same agent for the lifetime of the policy. Our agents are FULLY licensed by the state of your residence. We never sell your information to a third party.

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  • Well we really do not have much of a choice now, which I guess is the point.  I am not ready to make any assumptions on the effects it will have on health care costs on the whole, but my cynical nature makes me think that the insurance companies will find ways to "win" and get their money, and of course it will be at the expense of certainly groups of people.  I hope I am wrong, but we shall see I guess.  Thanks for sharing.
  • Not gonna happen. I have no interest in the obamacare junk. I should not be forced to carry insurance if I do not want it. At this time, my health is good, and I do not visit the doctor for myself. I wont pay for insurance that I will never use. Its cheaper for me to pay the fine at the end of the year than have insurance. 
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    I wonder what the progress has been on this.  It surprises me how little about this we see on the news when it affects so many people.  I am a little disappointed.
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