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Freelancer - Help!

I will first off admit to being completely intimidate by any of this. Up until recently, I had jobs that provided some form of insurance, but even then, options were limited to what was provided and I gladly accepted what I could have. 

Now it feels like I am swimming in a sea of too much information, with answers that only lead to more questions. The most disheartening thing I came across was when I initially applied when this program first came out, was that the $400 plus a month price tag was too much for my budget. 

So - where to even begin?


  • Posts: 58
    The cost depends on your income, which is as per the 1040 tax form (actually it's a slight modification from the 1040 Adjusted Gross Income).  Of course, this form is typically 2 years old, and especially for the self-employed, the amount on this form may not be indicative of what the income will be for the year of the coverage, which will not be known until the form is done in the future.

    In one sense, it does not matter what income is used for the premium tax credit, as that gets reconciled by the 1040 form (it's form 8962); of course, the benefit of getting it during the year is that you don't have to wait to get the money.  If your current income is less than that on the latest 1040 form, then you should make your best guess as to what it is and propose that; there are some rules that the Exchange uses to determine if it's allowable.  Call the Exchange; they will tell you how to proceed.
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    Well I know how you feel.  This is really though one, because when I was looking at rates I was getting good feelings because the plans were around twenty dollars a month, which was perfect.  Then, the minute that I entered ANY INCOME the prices just shot up to around 200 a month, which I just cannot do at this point.  It just makes me miss the old days a little bit, where you get a job and you're covered.  Who know where it will go from here, but it should be interesting to watch.  Thanks for sharing.
  • SkySky
    Posts: 6
    I agree. I too am a freelance employee currently looking for full time employment. Although, as I do not make regular income and we only live on a few hundred $ a month we are blessed to be covered by MediCal here in California. In many cases, if freelancers can not make a specific amount of $ one can count on each month, then those individuals might be eligible for assistance based on where one lives. Still, the premiums for individual, company assistance or employer coverage are all extremely high in comparison to the same premiums pre-Obamacare.  Good luck to all - All the best.
  • I am also a freelance employee. Even though they go off of your income, its not affordable like they claim it is. Its very expensive for coverage. For my family of 5, it was over $600 a month, which we CANNOT afford. My kids are covered my medicaid, my fiance has insurance through his job and I do not have insurance. I never visit the doctor though, so I wont be buying it either. Im not condoning to paying obama.. lol 
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