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Looking to interview navigators, as well as patients affected by Aetna news


I'm writing a story about how Aetna's pullout will affect patients -- will anyone out there have no health insurance options under Obamacare? Will anyone have only one option? What are navigators hearing from people they have worked with.

I hope you'll consider doing an interview with me. If so, please email me at KLeonard@usnews.com. 

Thank you!


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    Well I bet that if you really do interview an array of people, you might get an array of opinions to go with it.  I can see people on the administrative side seeing if different than patients, doctors, and then you have the hospitals themselves.  The point is, is that this while issue is huge and wide-ranging and there are so many opinions and arguments out there....that it is hard to keep track and stay up to date a lot of the time.  I am curious to read what you get from the interviews though, so best of luck.
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    It's ironic, but I now have Medicaid, subscribing with the Aetna plan.  The big problem with the ACA is the even though there is supposed to be everyone signing up so as to avoid the tax penalty, a lot of healthy folks still aren't signing up, and there are even some nefarious providers who are illegally paying extraordinarily expensive folks who are on Medicaid to get a ACA plan, so that the reimbursement is higher.

    I think what you should say in your article is that it quite hypocritical for insurers to happily take part in Medicaid or Medicare, but not the ACA.  There should be a rule that states that any insurer that wants to participate in Medicaid or Medicare in any region needs to provide the ACA plans as well.
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