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Will America ever have an insurance free healthcare system?

edited August 2016 in Obamacare Debates and Opinions Posts: 9
Being from the UK I have been lucky to have always had access to healthcare which is paid for by my taxes and therefore insurance is not necessary. We have access to specialist consultants, surgery, physiotherapists, occcupational therapists and hospitals that do not charge you a penny. I can see my GP on the same day I become poorly if I need to and other countries in Europe can do the same. Do you think America will ever be able to introduce a healthcare system that is free at the point of use?


  • Posts: 6
    I don't know how we can call ourselves a truly free country when we are at the mercy of the insurance companies. Makes you wonder who's really in charge?

    I think if the United States gets a really strong President who doesn't care what Congress thinks--and who's not afraid of the insurance companies--he (or she) might be able to finish the job Obama started.

  • Posts: 58
    I think that it will happen, but only after the anti folks finally buy into the notion that the government-guaranteed (or at least the guarantee for those who want to purchase it, and with subsides for those at lower income), in the same that they have bought into Medicare & Social Security.  At that point, the efficiencies of Medicare-For-All will be apparent, and it will be implemented, although ironically, the experience with ObamaRomneyHeritageCare will be looked upon as a way to do Medicare-For-All.  The insurers could justify their existence by extracting out hefty concessions from providers.

    One of the problems with ObamaRomneyHeritageCare is that the risk pools are imperfect, even with the mandate - which is rather toothless, and which contains more folks who are unemployed, and sick folks tend to be more unemployed that the average.  The risk pools for Medicare-For-All will be perfect.
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    Well I cannot really even begin to imagine what it would be like, but I have to say that I am interested in learning more.  I would guess that we are too far into to go back now, and it would take something major in order to lead to a policy change there, but anything is possible I suppose.  It also makes me wonder how the insurance companies really got so involved to begin with.  It is certainly interesting, and I will definitely be staying tuned...thanks for sharing.
  • We have medicaid, which provides you with free healthcare that is paid for you. How can we ensure our doctors and nurses are paid if no one is going to pay them? Can you imagine how many people out there dont pay their medical bills??? 
  • guyguy
    Posts: 10
    No, in America the government believe in monetizing everything, even it it's not good for the people. Universal healthcare is an essential to the lively hoods of all Americans. We don't actually do what we could do make the government give s free health care. 

    This is a capitalist country, not a true democracy, if it was, we'd be the best nation in the world. 
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