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Does my plan vary from state to state?

I'm domiciled in Kentucky, which means I consider that my permanent residence. However, I go to school down in Florida. When I don't have school, I go back to Kentucky. My ACA is with Kentucky. More specifically, I have KY Medicaid. So, if I want to been seen by a doctor while living in FL, how would that work? Would my insurance still be valid down here? What about in the case of emergencies?


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    One of the issues plaguing the ACA - and one exacerbated by jerk governors/legislatures in state that have not expanded Medicaid - is the problem of folks who move around a lot, as the plans are tailored for folks who stay in one state.  Officially, someone who moves around is supposed to change his domicile with the ACA (and such movements can only take place on a per month basis) but that has the problem (that a lot of folks overlook) that the deductible & out-of-pocket maximum resets upon every change of plan, and even if an applicant goes back to a plan he had previously been in for that year!

    Your specific problem is that the politicians in Florida are jerks and have not expanded Medicaid.  You can always get emergency treatment out of state, which would be covered by your plan, or Medicaid.  A lot of schools have a health plan that students can enroll in, and typically a free clinic for general issues; you should look into this.
  • You should talk to both your provider and your university to make sure you have all the information you need in the event that you need care of any kind in Florida.

    As mentioned, most universities have a small clinic on campus that is free, paid by your tuition. You can go there for non emergency care, and they can give you a referral if you need anything further. If you have concerns due to a health condition, you might also want to contact the local urgent care center and find out what would be converred under your plan.
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    From everything that you will hear it will be an easy transition to find people in the network if you move around a lot, but i am just weary of this notion.  Of course, I am pretty sure that it would have made things difficult in the first place, before the ACA, so it is not like this is anything new for those people.  I would say that as long as you do your research and find out what organizations your insurance provides or what care it covers, then you are much better suited than just relying on them to transfer state to state.
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