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Can I get some answers regarding age limitations or income limitations

Please forgive me for asking this, but I have looked but could not find any definitive answer to my questions elsewhere. All information I have found seemed to not apply to my case.

I am well into my 70's, with a very small income. I would like to know if I am eligible for ACA premium subsidy when I get insurance from marketplace.
All the information I have seen talks about some income range above poverty line. My case is that my income falls well below poverty line (I make
and sell handcraft items myself). Can anybody tell me whether my age and my income level will outright prevent me from getting subsidy?

I had consulted with some free community service consultants regarding this; they advised me to apply either for the state program (in my case california
which is medi-cal I believe) or medicare, because I am over 65. However, I am not eligible for any subsidy from the state program because my asset
(savings in bank account) is above their limit. Also, not only am I not eligible for medicare assistant (because I have only worked in the United States for
only a short period of time, I am immigrant), but I found out because I had not been insured through medicare since I became eligible (at age 65), I have
to pay a very heavy penalty (100% more in premium, which add up to more than $1000 a month). This is the reason why I am trying to find out if there
is any way I can get reduced premium from ACA. It has come down to draining my bank account savings paying for medicare, or some plan I can get
from marketplace, or keep going uninsured.

Actually I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask these sort of questions, I hope you don't mind.


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    Well you are certainly not alone in needed to go elsewhere to find information, which is really the oain reason why everyone is so frustrated.  We were told it would be easy and answers would be available, but we all know that this is not really the case.  I wish you all the best in your quest to little things answered, and I know your pain because it should not be this difficult.
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    It seems that you are eligible for an ACA tax credit like anyone else:


    What makes this tricky is what is your official immigration status - i.e., a permanent resident of over 5 years, or a permanent resident under 5 years.  It sounds like you are under 5 years, and in that case, you are ineligible for Medicaid, and thus eligible for a tax credit no matter how low your income is.

    Now all this said, I have read that the ACA was meant for folks under Medicare age, but that may have been due to poor reporting of the rare cases when someone is over 65 and not eligible for Medicare.

    I would call the Exchange in your state, and then also contact your Congressman.

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