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Can't Repay Subsidy


First is there some way to contest having to repay a subsidy? When I signed up for my insurance in late 2014 I was employed and made
the same amount that I reported to the ACA throughout 2015, the year they want the subsidy repaid. Makes no sense to me.

I also cannot afford to repay it. I'm still on a payment plan for a large tax bill for 2014 and seem to remember seeing something about being
able to only have one active payment plan.
I couldn't afford to have the insurance the entire year but was able to get a hardship waiver due to a death in the family.
It wasn't until I was doing my taxes that I discovered the waiver only meant no fee for not having insurance and they wanted the subsidy paid back.

Any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated!




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    The dirty little secret of ObamaRomneyHeritageCare is that the IRS cannot force a taxpayer to pay back excess premium tax credit, but can only recover it passively.  This means that it will only be recoverable from you if you have a tax refund or some civil judgement from the federal government due; otherwise the excess tax due will simply be accounted against you for as long as you are alive (or pay it off, willingly or otherwise).  And in any case, there is a limit to how much the IRS can claw back.

    I understand that the Republican Party considers this to be fraud, and would like to put some teeth into the payback provision (which would make payment of it as harsh as any tax due, including the possibility of garnishment or prison!)  I suggest that you vote Democrat to ensure that this does not affect you (and as well get us Medicare-For-All, which will obviate all of this BS.)
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    Well I have to be honest I am not sure I have ever heard of anyone asking for a subsidy back, but then again I am not surprised.  I am sorry to hear this has happened, but it really does seem like an effort to just stick it to people when they don't need it.  I hope it all works out for you, and thanks for sharing,
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