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What will happen to Obamacare when a new President takes office.

I am wondering what will happen to all of us that have enrolled in the Affordable Healthcare insurance if a new president decides to go away with it. The amount of headache I have had to go through trying to find something was actually "affordable" had been a nightmare. Not to mention the amount of times the website has been down, or conflicts with the premiums. Even going to file my taxes has been a headache. Seems like it took almost Obama's 8 years in office to get it rolled out and able for anyone to enroll in it. How long will it take for another president to fix or modify the healthcare act.


  • personally, and I am saying this as a personal opinion, I really don't think any president will strike down such a popular and prominent campaign, It will just refeclt badly upon them. 
  • I personally hate the whole idea of Obama care. I am disabled so I know I for one am having trouble with the Obama Care act. I think it is against everything America stands for and I hope the new President can make it a little easier for us to deal with in the long run.
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    The ACA will not be repealed unless both there is a Republican President along with a Republican controlled House & Senate in Congress avowed to repeal it.  There is some question as to whether the Republicans would actually do what they have avowed to do, and actually attempt to do while safely knowing that Obama would veto any such attempt.  I have a hunch that if it got to that, there would enough folks to stop the effort until a suitable replacement would be offered, so the political battle would move on to that replacement; in that scenario, the Democratic opposition would be hyper in pointing out the glaring defects of whatever bill makes its way through Congress, and that would scare enough of Republican voters that the effort to repeal would be shunted into nibbling at the edges of the existing ACA.  One likely outcome would be an even further defanging of the individual mandate (the employer would definitely be gone, something that I actually agree with), causing insurers to just throw up their hands and raise rates even higher than what they are now (which would feed back into the necessity of keeping the subsidies.)  Of course the BS idea that somehow "selling insurance across state lines" would actually do anything will be trotted out, as well as health savings accounts.

    The best thing for someone who wants the ACA to remain in place is to VOTE DEMOCRATIC!
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    Since guitarmom1279 is disabled, she should be covered by Medicaid (i.e., before the expansion).  It seems hypocritical that she has no problem taking GOVERNMENT-provided health care, but has a problem with others getting health care with assistance from the government.  Does she hate the idea of Medicaid for cripples like herself?  Hey, let's be like Hitler and euthanize the cripples, since SOCIALIST health care is against "everything America stands for"!  I guess her attitude is "I got mine, screw you".  Now, if she thinks that ObamaRomneyHeritageCare has some warts that need to be addressed, but that in general it is needed program and must continue, at least until something like Medicare-For-All replaces it, then I will agree with her.
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    Sadly there are several occurrences in history, where the  next presidental group is not building on the things before them but trying to destroy them. It all depends on the next president and the party, team behind them I guess.
  • I'm not sure what will happen when the next president takes office. Personally even as a lower paid citizen I've had no trouble finding healthcare to suit me for all the more I use it. Actually thanks to aca I was able to receive a breast pump completely covered by insurance and my prenatal care for this baby has been covered beautifully. That being said, I believe the market place goes off of gross income to determine financial eligibility which can be a big problem for those who pay child support to be able to afford to live. I think while a nice concept on paper aca still has some glitches to work out and shouldn't be mandatory for everyone until about 5 years from the time it was implemented.
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    As much as some of the candidates complain and vow to take down the ACA, I personally think that it won't happen so easily. Considering the effort and time it took to establish the program, there is no way a person can dismantle such a profound program so quickly. Especially because they would have to come up with a alternative to put in place immediately after dismantling it. 
  • I don't think it can be done away with so quickly without congress agreeing to get rid of it.  I certainly hope it stays, and is improved, as there is certainly room for improvement. 

    Without it, there are many, many people who would have to pay nearly around $90-100 a month for catastrophic (over $20,000 or something)insurance ALONE, meaning they have no coverage for anything like getting sick and needing to go to a doctor, or getting some minor injuries in an accident costing a few thousand dollars in bills.

    In my town, the majority of employers can not offer insurance to any of their employees because the businesses are way too small to be able to do that, and finding a job that offers more than 30hrs a week is incredibly hard.  Without Obamacare, in order to have the insurance policy I currently have, I would have to cancel my cell phone and give up all dance.  I would literally only be able to pay rent, utilities and food, just to have an insurance plan with a $5000 deductible. 
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    It was a long drawn-out process to begin with. Apparently, Congress has a hard time making quick decisions, and this would be the same for a reversal or phasing out a law already in effect. 

    Of course, if President Trump wanted to, he could buy off all the lobbyists and quick as a wink, he'd get things done as fast as he could make a direct deposit.

    We'll have to wait and see.
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    I really hope for the sake of US citizens that it doesn't get repealed, it would be huge step backwards.
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    Well this is certainly the most practical question that I think I have come across here, so thank you for that.  I really have no idea how that would work, and to be honest I am not sure a lot of people do, because you would think that we would hear a little bit more about it.  It will probably come up closer to the election, but I guess we shall wait and see.  I can see it going through a long appeal process, though, but I hope that I am wrong.  Thanks for sharing.
  • I think the obamacare will still be available to users until a new president gets rid of it.. I think anyways. I have never really thought about it. I do know that "things" dont just go away when we get a new president in office. 
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