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It's been years now...

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I'm still on the side of ObamaCare. I work for a healthcare insurance company that has Obamacare policies, and in looking at it as a whole, I still think it benefits the entire country, not everyone individually. It clearly didn't destroy the country, either. What reasons do you all still have to be for or against the Affordable care act?


  • Folks would not have a problem if there were no mandates, both the employer and moreso the individual.  They are also bellyaching about limited networks (for the cheaper policies), but these folks were bitching about how the HMOs did that in the '90s.  And they are understandably mad that the policies seem to cost so much more (even though a lot of folks get a tax credit that makes the cost less) than what they had in the individual market - but they don't understand that those policies were either junky (i.e., didn't really cover anything serious, but they didn't learn about this as they had been healthy and didn't get into the status of needing serious coverage) and/or were based on the fact that they were healthy and so did not represent the actuarial risk of the population at-large (i.e., sick folks weren't able to buy those policies priced for healthy folks), and that the ACA policies mandate unlimited coverage, while their pre-ACA policies had some sort of limit (which may have seemed to be high, but once you get into hard cancer and exotic diseases are not high enough).  I have read that this unlimited provision could be the reason for a whole quarter of the ACA policies.  And finally you have the standard libertarian and conservative curmudgeons who always complain about redistribution and "control from Washington".

    With that said, there are some folks who didn't like the pre-ACA system and rightfully have determined that the ACA doesn't really control costs the way that they think a more market-based system would.  The problem is that once health care is considered an essential human need (like food, clothing, shelter), it cannot be subject to the vagaries of the free market.  The best thing that the ACA has done is satisfy this need, and there is no political way that this need will not be addressed in any replacement, no matter what the about-to-crack-up Republican Party thinks.  And there are some folk who respond that they disfavor the ACA because they are for Medicare-For-All, even though they prefer the having the ACA rather than not.
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  • I think that there needs to be healthcare in place for everyone. Just maybe not one that literally forces you to purchase it. Its the American people's right to choose if they want yo carry insurance or not. But penalizing then if they don't want or cant afford it is wrong.sure, the penalty now may be cheaper than the cost of health insurance, but it increases every year. Soon the IRS will be over whelmed issuing tax warrants for people who cant pay.
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    The Affordable Care Act has certainly been out for a while now, but it is still in practice, and it is still having an adverse effect on many people. Premiums have continued to rise for insurance through Obamacare, and will likely continue to do so. As prices continue to change for Obamacare, public opinion will continue to change, and likely not for the better. Just as you have your opinion, everyone has their own opinion on Obamacare, and, unfortunately, for those that did not support it from the beginning, nothing has happened over the last couple years
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    I think what bothers me the most about so-called "ObamaCare" is the fact that it is not even remotely what the President had in mind when he first proposed it.

    When he first put the idea forward, it was to emulate the other first-world countries that all have free healthcare for their citizens.

    Do we have that now? No. Is anyone happy with the healthcare system now? Not really. Thousands of articles have been written on what's wrong with the health care system in our country. Criticism runs rampant.

    What the U.S. really has is the healthcare system being run by insurance companies. That's not what the President had in mind. 

    Until it can be "fixed"--until this country's citizens all have the basic human right of truly free medical care, no one will be happy. If that happens, I'm sure the insurance companies can find another way to make people miserable.
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    Well I think that it is tough because we are still in the wait and see stage.  Of course that stage itself happens differently at different times for each person, but I am glad to hear that you have been satisfied with it and am able to see the benefits as a whole, to the country.  You certainly have some unique insight given your job too, @Maelalove - and that is helpful.  I am curious if the policies have had any effect on the company that you work for.  Are the higher-ups in favor of the policies?  Is it benefiting them financially?
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