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Climate Change

Hello Congress, Hello Everybody,
Let's come out to facing together if you are the one denier or you was driving everything on your side. I'm going support global action on climate change for all races around the world. There been scary upside down evil continue in our country and the world. the President Barack Obama without respect hardly work for all their brightness every way on earth. You know what? the humanitarian crisis inside stories. Our world is going to more dangerous. Because the money, benefit, reputation and position make more leaders activities to forget what's the point of view is that you can't be against the climate change itself. He doesn't belong anyone to control over their shoulders of good. Why he's fighting longest way freedom for all the people on you all? He's the human same like you. Whatever what he look like at. Where or what zip code she live. Who he love. What kind of degree he has. the fact climate change is work he made can't without hesitation realize in history still in danger situation #refugee that's being world problem we facing. How many innocent civilians like him? Whatever how harder they worked. What's really wrong on them in a suit or in the jail? Ever they're just injustice for life service for whatever those slippery utilize. the No.1 innocent social tool ICE instead their Evil or blame on it for too many century you don't know the fact.

If you still confusing than ask your religion minister or any court Judgement they know it. I want all you to fairly in our equation's life time is not easy. All in all. Climate Change is the best thing ever when your life on your own. We don't like those human Leaders give rise of any extra stress and misunderstood on to law. That's what he in front of found and paid to you believe it over 7 years to our communities, country and the world more safe and great from top market place to education, Love, Jail, Heart and mind to their every way, every thing, on every success in easy moreover you don't know about. Yeah! He's death for you opposite situation on too hard to calling you already know how to get his promotion tools, rights, experience information gap great benefits better than out to listen himself at all. He don't care that much about himself. but there is no one wants to see the world illegally with all of us close the eyes continue leave the matter forward whatever. Have you have any idea for climate change summit at #OFAfallsummit? Seeing you later than. Not taking or share on the web at this time for built to last generation to generation. Enough is Enough to shappedfor you are the shiner on earth many more before him.
President of Climate Change
  1. Affordable Care Act right?0 votes
    1. Patient right?
    2. Women right?


  • No offense, but your post seemed more like rambling and I can't quite make out if there was any sort of fact or anything in it. Could you... summarize or something? Also, I didn't realize we talked about Climate change here, but I can start with that too lol
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