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This is an e-mail I received from Barack Obama
Last night, the Republican candidates for president tried to explain why one of them should be the next person to lead this country. Well, Eric, Republicans have an opportunity to show some leadership right now -- in this very moment.

With Congress back in session, it's time for the GOP to do some work. They've got to pass a budget by the end of this month -- a budget with no strings or nonsense attached -- or they'll be shutting down the government for the second time in two years.

And let me be clear: A government shutdown would be completely irresponsible, but it's not inevitable. Congress can pass a budget that invests in American families, in our schools, in our roads, in our military, and in all the things that truly make this country great. That's a budget I'd be more than happy to sign. But instead of trying to find ways for us to move forward together, some folks are threatening to shut down the government because I won't accept a budget that hurts the middle class or makes it harder for women to access health care services they need by defunding Planned Parenthood.

Now we're getting closer and closer every day to Election Day, and if we want a Congress that won't play politics with people's lives, we've got to elect Democrats who will work tirelessly fighting for people like you and me. So if you're able, pitch in $3 or whatever you can to help elect Democrats.


I applied for Obamacare 6 months ago. They told me I am eligible for free health care. They were going to give my information to NJ Family Care, which is Medicaid in NJ . After 6 months of waiting, they never gave the info to them. (lie). So I filled out an application on my own. I can't make more than $1300 per month. I make well over that. I dont qualify (lie). I also had to take an oath that I was not telling lies or face perjury charges.

 Barack Obama should face perjury charges!


  • I agree. It's ridiculous that people don't have a say in their own individual situation. Seems like the government just wants to take over our lives and make the decisions for us!
  • I'm a little confused as to why you believe President Obama is emailing you first of all. I'm pretty sure he has better things to do than to email random people. It sounds like a mass email from the Democrat party trying to raise money for their campaigns. Secondly, how is it Obama's fault that you don't qualify for states medical? I would be trying to figure out what happened on the website that it said that I would be approved when I wasn't. Thirdly, you should have known that if you make that much that you wasn't going to be approved for state medical. 
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