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special enrollment

My daughter was removed from our current group plan because the state wanted to check her eligibility for CHIP. It took several weeks for this process and in the end, she was found ineligible due to our income being over the limit. Now she cannot be re-added to the plan because according to the website, she does not qualify for a special enrollment period. I tried calling, but all the guys just follow a script. It's frustrating and absolutely useless customer service. Should I appeal or am I sol? 


  • You should definitely try to repeal. It's worth the effort, and even if they follow a script just keep pushing until you get someone that will actually answer you and talk to you about it. Sometimes that's just the way it is. I'm sorry that happened and wish you the best.
  • Contact your Congressman or Senator, preferably someone who supports the ACA.  You get will get referred to someone in CMS who will help you cut through the red tape.

    Oh, and you can claim that your daughter was kicked off of CHIP (just leave off the fact that she was ever on it).
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    I am pretty sure that you are not alone here.  I heard from a friend that he has a similar scenario where once he got a different job he had to alter his entire application and process to get covered, and it sounds like a big old hassle, and one that I would rather avoid if at all possible.  I am not sure about the cases of special enrollment, but unfortunately I can just see long waiting times and incomplete answers.  Hope I am wrong, and thanks for sharing.
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