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I have a question not even HR block could answer or the Obamacare help line here goes .........

2014 I  was enrolled in  plan in July after my insurance was cancelled .
I am a student and work however my income is variable and I had to estimate my earnings in July with no knowledge if work would be available in NOV and Dec but I could afford my premium with the subsidy  .

I received a subsidy  and picked a plan .

2015 Tax time I actually earned less than I estimated the prior year . So I received a subsidy and earned less . I fell below the 17500 highest subsidy level and above the 10200 medicaid amount .    Technically I should have been in medicaid but in 2014 they based estimates on prior year earnings .

So now I am getting letters from IRS saying I did not file all the paperwork blah blah blah - I dont have the paperwork as I did not work enough

So will I now have to pay what to who . I did not make enough to technically be in the  subsidy program . And now I am having to estimate for next year now I make my money again in nov and dec  . So I have no idea if I will hit 17200 for the year or fall under again . It all depends on what extra work I pick up and is available on college break.

Can anyone answer the question . What happens to the subsidy for 2014 am I fined . What happens next year do I estimate again maybe I hit 17200 maybe I hit 12000 . I am caught in a circle .

Any help is appreciated .


  • I don't know how helpful this info will be, but a lot of H&R Block employees are trained really quickly and don't know anything about taxes other than answering questions on a computer program.

    Call a local accountant, instead of any kind of firm. Thats who will know what you need to do.
  • From what I understand they can't come after you for earning less than estimated. Only if you earn more will you owe money. I think the IRS letter is to tell you if you don't file income taxes, even if you earned below what's required to file, you won't qualify for subsidies in 2016 since your income tax form is used as your proof of income for insurance subsidies purposes. At least that's what my letter says.

    In my case I estimated the minimum required which was $10,550 in 2014 and $12,000 in 2015 even though I earned zero both years. They took away my subsidies for this year temporarily because I didn't send in a Self Employment Ledger and they couldn't verify anything with the IRS. Once I uploaded another estimated income ledger for 215 I was immediately reinstated. 

    I'm not going to file with the IRS unless they stop accepting an Self-Employment Employment Ledger and take away my subsidies. I suspect you can't legally be compelled to file taxes if you earn under $12,000 whether you agreed to or not, just so you could receive subsidies. We'll see.
  • Correction: "Once I uploaded another estimated income ledger for 2015 I was immediately reinstated."
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