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Is there a non-exchange website to get premium data?

I am trying to find out what is *exactly* the 2nd lowest cost Silver plan for my situation (i.e., location, age, smoking status).  This cannot be done using the Health Care Marketplace without cancelling the current application, which of course is far too onerous.  It is possible to get an "estimate", but that is insufficient.  I understand that some folks have set up website to tap into this data and present it.


  • If I understand what you mean, maybe you could go to the insurance websites? Or maybe just google it and find the page?
  • Here's a link to search results. I thought it would be easier if you looked at the results sice you know exactly what you need

  • it won't let me post the link. Just google "premium data calculator health insurance. I hope theres one on there that can help
  • Posts: 70
    Well that is strange that it will not let post the link, but thank you for the direction, and I will certainly go there and see what I can find.  When it came to trying to get even the basic information about my coverage I really had a hard time going through the sites that were set up.  With that, I think a third party website would be a very valuable place to go, so thank you for sharing.
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