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So where are the assisted plans?

This Obamacare crap is the biggest load of $#%@ I've ever seen. I enrolled last year before the deadline and sent them a blank check as instructed to pay for it and they returned the check and said I could not pay until I had paid. WTF? So now I have to a pay a NEW penalty on my income taxes that was never spoken about previously. Yes, there was a "penalty" discussed but it was a flat, like $95 one, not a percentage of your gross income. Funny how they are always changing the game rules.

Now I get an email saying my deadline for 2015 is TODAY! Woulds have been nice for them to send me an email about this sometime actually before the deadline, but I rushed in to enroll and the lowest play is like $478 per month with no "ASSISTED PAY" plans anywhere. The last one was something like $9/month (still too much because it is a zero benefit). I'm not paying $478 a month for nothing.


  • What are you getting for 9 dollars a month if there are zero benefits. Just the right to not have to pay the penalty? That's crazy. I hope you found something that worked out for you because 478 dollars a month is a lot of money.
  • Yeah I agree it's a bunch of bull. People need to speak up and fight against it, instead of just taking what they want us to do and not questioning it.

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    If your premium is $478 that would mean that you're making $50k+ and single with no dependants.
    The ACA's income mandate guarantees that your insurance premium can be no more than 9% of your gross income.
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    No, I don't make anywhere near $50k and I am single and supporting an adult son 100%. Add to this that the plan they offered (lowest possible plan) has a deductible of $5300 a year. When you calculate this into the premium, which is realistically the actual cost, it comes to nearly $920 per month.

    One of you ObamaCare supporters, please tell me how this is a good thing.
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    I am still not insured. This is a rundown of what occurred:

    I first applied before the deadline the first year this became mandatory. I accepted a "$9/mth." plan with high deductible simply as a way of not paying an even higher penalty, realizing I would never use it, because a $5300 deductible is simply ridiculous.

    I was sent a letter and told I could pay automatically if I sent a voided check and a form, which I did. The check was returned and I was told that I could not enroll into an auto-payment system until I had fully paid my "balance". I did not have a balance because this was why I sent a voided check. I never heard from them again.

    The next year I went (before the deadline) and tried another application. This time, the $9 plan was $478. It said I didn't qualify for assistance even though absolutely nothing had changed in my situation. I called their help line, waited on hold for about 45 minutes and finally spoke to someone who said I didn't qualify for assistance. When I asked why because I had previously, they did not have a reasonable answer, but just said I didn't qualify. I told them "fine, then cancel this because I'm not paying $478/mth with a $5300 deductible. They gave me this official "warning" that I was canceling the policy and would not be covered.

    I hung up the phone, then immediately went to the website again and applied again with the exact information I'd used before and guess what? I suddenly qualified for assistance.

    I've had it. Anyone associated with this messed up joke of a health care system can kiss my ass. I am not a Republican (nor a Democrat) but I hope the Republicans take the presidency this time and do kill this most stupid law forced onto the American people. Health insurance has not gone down as they promised, in fact, it has skyrocketed with just about every major insurance company, just as it did went liability auto insurance became mandatory.

    Let me ask you: If a law was passed requiring all Americans to eat lunch at McDonald's, do you think the price of a Big Mac would go down? I'll bet you a Happy Meal that it would increase along with everything else on the menu.
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    Oh yeah, I was wrong about the deductible. I found the paperwork the other day. It wasn't $5300, it was $6500.
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    So do the math: That's over $1000 a month for one healthy person (never been in hospital, been to a doctor about twice in my life for treatment) before insurance covers a single penny. Even after that, they cover only 60%. It's a scam.
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