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Will Obamacare affect hotel Industry adversely

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Mehul Patel, the current president of the Asian-American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) in an Interview with The American Bazaar said that the Obamacare will cause really big problems in the Hotel Industry as they have to hire more workers. Is this true? 

Link to the Interview: http://www.americanbazaaronline.com/2013/10/23/obamacare-become-real-nightmare-us-mehul-patel/
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  • They probably will, the exact ins and outs as to why I do not know but I do know that obamacare will affect a lot of industries adversely. A lot of industries do not offer healthcare, and the fact that the employees now have obamacare means they will have to work less as they don't have to pay for their own insurance. 
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    Uh, they don't have to hire more part-timers; they could simply offer health insurance for their full-time employees (i.e., 30 hrs/week as per the ACA rules)  The ACA Exchange makes it easy for small employers to sign up, and in case, there are a lot of hungry insurance agents (paid by the insurer) that would love to assist them.  Now of course, they don't want to pay more compensation for their employees, so this issue is really a lot like the bellyaching they always do when the minimum wage is raised.

    Now, since most hotel jobs aside from management are lowly, and therefore there is no real loss in having employees as part-time as opposed to full-time, the only issue for an employer to not have to supply health insurance is to make everyone part-time, and therefore have more employees.  Perhaps a lot of small motels, which are heavily represented by Asian Indians, are family-run, and thus a sudden requirement for more employees would mean hiring folks off the street instead of trusted family members.  Well, too bad.
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    Yes, I think it will affect, possibly. There are a lot of changes going on and and obamacare is kind of shaping the industries around medical things. Changes and affected areas can be seen more from more distance in the future, I guess.
  • That's not exactly accurate.  Before Obama care, almost no hotel workers had any insurance because they would have had to give up things like food or heat to pay for it. Obama care means that people in this industry have the ability to get some medical care without ending up in crippling debt or bankruptcy. Some years ago, before Obama care, I knew someone who refused an MRI because she could not pay for it.  She may have literally been risking her life by doing so, but had she had the MRI, it might have taken her 5 years to pay off the bill.  I think Obama care has made things much better.
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    I think that I am failing to see where the hotel industry really differs from other industries here.  That being said, I do think that it will have an effect on organizations of all shapes and sizes and influences, and I also think that it will be of varying degrees and often in different directions.  It will take time for companies and employees to adapt to the new marketplace, and with that changes will ensue, and we shall see where it leads us.
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