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Obamacare- A step in the right direction but still some problems

edited April 2016 in Obamacare Debates and Opinions Posts: 6
First of all, I want to say that this program is a step in
the right direction. People will debate this constantly, but I do think that
healthcare is the right of all Americans. I considered going to medical school
a few years ago, but I realized how screwed up this system was and elected to
not pursue it. I had seen several people that died because they had no
insurance. This included even toddlers that were born into low-income families

Another huge issue is the cost of US healthcare.  Many Americans would get really sick
and declare bankrupt due to the bills. One of the best locally-owned  restaurants in my republican controlled state had to close down when the wife got cancer. This disease bankrupted them and they lost a great business (people would even come in from neighboring towns to go here so they were great for the economy).

Similarly, I had a classmate in college that came down with a serious illness.  She could not afford the medical bills so she had to drop out of college long-term, even after she had recovered. She might have been a doctor or an inventor of something great after she finished school. Unfortunately, she had to leave school due to finances and declare bankruptcy.  The huge cost of healthcare in the US might have permanently moved her from a high paying wage bracket (200k) to a low-income bracket that regularly uses tax-payer services to survive.    

Universal healthcare is good for America. This will change the focus of healthcare in the US to more preventative measures. This will allow people to get treatments for minor illnesses before they become major. People without insurance would wait until it became serious to get treatment in the ER. ERs could not turn them away so they would get an expensive treatment. These lower income people would then not have the funds to pay the bill, so the hospital would have to cover it. These bills then resulted in higher bills for the rest of the patients at the hospital. This would raise the bills and insurance rates for those that had insurance. More healthy Americans also make for better workers and a
better economy. In the long term, it may reduce the demand for government
programs like food stamps. 

While universal healthcare for all Americans is good for
America, there may be some issues with this system. Many people are claiming a
significant increase to their insurance costs.  Employers are decreasing hours and doing other things to get
around the laws too.  I think that
the lower wage paying employers/employees may be hurt more than other people too.

This is not a well-developed plan, but I will discuss an
option that may be better. They
could develop a system that charges people a set rate based upon their salary
rate. Lower income people will pay a low rate and the high-income people will
pay a higher rate. One could maybe have a slightly lower rate for single people
vs families, but an 8 person family would not pay much more if any than a 4
person family with the same income. All money to the plan would maybe go through the government but still have different plans and let people pick them. One could maybe pay a
lower rate for taking a higher deductible or something like this.

The rate an employer paid could maybe be based on the number
of worker hours and their net income. 
Make all employers pay this amount. This will be less difficult for the
struggling or small business owners. It would also cut the incentives for employers
that are currently decreasing people’s hours to prevent paying this.

Additionally you may be able to add in some system that will
allow larger companies to provide their own insurance plans. This would add
some sort of competition to the markets. 
The companies calculated amount could maybe go directly into this
program. The employees amounts could go through the government and back into
the program (would even out costs of healthcare to all and increase the
competition between insurance companies).

I do not know much about insurance and if this is feasible
or not. Other countries do have similar systems though.  I just moved to a European country that has something similar to this. Everyone pays a percentage of their income
directly to the insurance company, and this amount covers your insurance
completely. You can still pick the company that you want. Higher income people
have more choices, but I have heard that there is not a huge difference between
this and the lower income plans. In addition to a huge selection of plans,
there is a huge selection of providers. I have not been to the doctor here, but there are a bunch of blogs comparing this and the US system. These people described similar wait times and care in both countries. They also have things like a lower infant mortality rate and a higher life expectancy than the US, since every person in the country has access to
affordable medical care.  

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    I don't think Obamacare is not right for Americans,I think Obamacare is a great step in the right direction.There is a long lost of benefits called the " Essential Minimum Benefits". These benefits are standard in ALL plans on the exchange. You also CANNOT be denied coverage regardless if you have a shoebox full of pills. The plans will Vary from state to state but in general you cannot get a better deal by going direct to healthcare.gov. all plans are price fixed. With using a brokerage you will have some customer service available if you need anything in the future.
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  • I think that the plan is a great step in the right direction. It is allowing people who could not otherwise receive insurance because of predetermined illnesses, to receive insurance. That's why I don't understand why people are so against it. Sure, it's not a perfect fix, but it's getting there. 
  • I'm not so sure it's the step in the right direction. Seems people aren't very happy with it.

  • People aren't happy with it because it has issues, but at least insurance isn't able to say we won't cover you because you have this illness or that. At least they have to take you. At one point a lot of people in this country could not get insurance at all because they had something health wise going on with them. It's a step, but they do need to fix the mistakes.
  • Personally I'm concerned about choosing my own health insurance coverage through the market place. I have always had an employer that shopped the best coverage options and presented their choice to me. I have found a local insurance agent who understands the coverages and copays and deductibles offered on the website. I think I will feel more comfortable with Obama Care if I receive guidance from a trained professional. Paying for coverage that has a high deductible and high copays seems like money down the drain to me and not much of a benefit at all.

  • Some say it's a step in the right direction. Some say it is not. The problem is we won't really be able to find out for a while. 
  • I agree with you, it's a step in the right direction. As a community as a whole, we should be able to support each other. Other countries have done it, incorporating it into taxes and such, and the healthcare system is better in those countries. The bankruptcy the healthcare system can cause for people in this country only hurts our economy as a whole.
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    C's previous comments are very helpful because they illustrate the huge hurdle people face from moving from company plans to individual plans, and the misunderstandings that are associated with change.

    "I have always had an employer that shopped the best coverage options and presented their choice to me."

    It would have been helpful if the cost of employer insurance was included in tax returns over the past years as a line item number, not to tax the insurance but instead this would have created population that would have realized the cost and increases each year prior to the ACA.

    "I have found a local insurance agent who understands the coverages and copays and deductibles offered on the website."

    There is a reason that plans change each year and are very difficult to compare, that is part of the goal of insurance companies to bury the details. And, that is part of what the ACA is doing to help educate and streamline the process.

    "I think I will feel more comfortable with Obama Care if I receive guidance from a trained professional."

    This is still available, you can search out a professional to guide you. But at some point you need to trust that they are making the correct decision for you. In the long run it's best to spend the time to understand the offerings. The ACA is working to make the offerings more understandable.

    "Paying for coverage that has a high deductible and high copays seems like money down the drain to me and not much of a benefit at all." 

    Whether you pay a $10 or $50 co-pay is rarely the issue that will drive up your yearly health care costs, and this is a good reason why we all need to learn about the plans being offered. Again, the ACA is working to make insurance more transparent. 

    There are some very savvy groups that spread an enormous amount of mis-information about health insurance and the ACA on behalf of the industry. Healthcare in the US is far more costly than any other nation and yet the return on that investment has not played out to yield better health. 
  • To put part of your explanation into perspective, a larger copay or premiums are not as bad as it may seem to you. My friend has Obamacare, and her medicine is 50 cents at the pharmacy. I have health insurance through the healthcare insurance company I work for, got the best individual policy I could, and none of my medicine is covered, ever. So not only do I have to pay the 200 dollar doctor bill, but 100 dollars in medicine, because not a single bit is covered. I would gladly have a 10 dollar copay and 5 dollars worth of medicine than shelling the 300 dollars. 
  • I agree that this country, being the great land and free, should be offering health care to everyone. On the other hand, is Obamacare right? The more people I see trying to sign up, the more problems and complaints I see. I don't even know if this is really affordable to those who do not have insurance. I know more people willing to take the penalty at the end of the year because it will be cheaper than paying for premiums. Not to mention, the wait in the doctors office for an appointment. More people are making appointments because they now have insurance, but there aren't any more doctors being added to take on the case load.
  • A step in what direction?? Insanity? Debt? Long waits in doctor's offices? I have Anthem BC/BS insurance through my employer. Before Obamacare was rolled out bi had no problem getting into the doctor's. Office doe an appointment. This past year I had gallbladder problems and when I went to make an appointment with my family doctor, the wait was more than 6 weeks out! The receptionist told me sie to more people having insurance now, there were going to be longer waits. This is great for people that wernt able to go to the doctor. But you have all these people the insurance, buy you are compensating the offices with extra doctors. On top of that, I have not heard anyone with the insurance praise it.
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    I currently have Obamacare and I do love. The only challenges I've had are related to the HMO process. I have worked for several health insurance companies. I have always chosen the PPO option whenever I healthcare. PPO is much more self directed. HMO all care is directed by the primary care doctor. I haven't had insurance since I became self employed. Luckily, I was blessed with good health.

    Last year I fell. I had a rotator cuff tear (complete), but it took me 3 months to finally get surgery. I had to wait for referrals from my primary care doctor for the orthopedic surgeon, waiting for the referral for the MRI, etc. Despite all that, I was blessed to get a gifted surgeon to fix me up. 

    I do believe that Obamacare isn't perfect. It's a good start. I don't believe that there will be any improvements done to Obamacare during the current governmental environment. We'll have to wait until the legislature and the executive branch of the government work together.
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    I absolutely agree in that the ACA is a step in the right direction. However, considering the amount of opposition for Obamacare, I really think any notion of universal healthcare wouldn't fly. It's a shame, but I think our government is just too split in opinion. 
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    It seems that thash1979 is bellyaching because now folks who used to go without medicare care are getting such care, and it's causing him to wait.  Well BOO-HOO!
  • Posts: 58
    The OP discusses his preferred system of how to handle costs.  Because of the premium tax credit & cost sharing subsidies that are based on income, ObamaRomneyHeritageCare pretty much operates this way already.
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    Well I am willing to bet that this is the majority of people's sentiments when it comes to the issue of the ACA.  I would say that it is mine, but I also do have limited experience with it and we all know that the jury is still out on the results and whether or not it can be deemed a success or a failure.  It is certainly a historic time though, and an interesting policy initiative if you are interested in that thing, which I happen to be.  I am curious to see where this goes, and it should be a good case study for years to come.
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    I live in the UK and work for NHS and I honestly find it staggering that not every person in America is entitled to healthcare, I really don't know how low income families have survived-maybe they haven't. I think Obamacare is definitely a step in the right direction, I'm not really sure why people aren't happy about it? Has it been poorly executed or something?
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