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Under ObamaCare, will employers be required to offer healthcare insurance to their employees?

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Under ObamaCare, will employers be required to offer healthcare insurance to their employees?


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    Yes, employers with 50 or more full-time employees will be required to offer health insurance to their employees. If they choose not to offer coverage, they can face up to a $2000 fine per employee.

    More details here: https://www.hoopayz.com/healthcare-reform/how-will-obamacare-impact-part-time-workers/
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    Of course, there's more to it than that, and if you have specific questions about the law's applicability to your company, you should contact an attorney. For example, if you have 40 full time employees, and 20 part time employees, your company is likely to fall within the Act's "pay-or-play" requirements.
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  • Thanks for the great input from @ADoerr & @HooPayz!

    I encourage any employers with questions to post them on forums like this one.  

    Contacting your attorney for advice and guidance is also important.  But the issue is that many attorneys are not yet educated about all the intricacies of the law and moreover the law is changing dynamically.  For example, the government just announced this past week that the requirement for "Large employers" to provide an insurance option will be delayed from 2014 till 2015.

    So, in addition to consulting with your attorney, I encourage employers to ask questions on forums like this one.
  • WcmWcm
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    In most communities more people work for companies with less than 50 employees than work for employers with more than 50 employees.

    Employers with less than 50 Full time employees will not be required to submit to obamacare.

    There is a huge trend towards hiring more and more part time employees.
    Some estimate over half of all employees are now classified as part time.
    The trend will probably grow.

    Walgreens has recently announced they are dropping their medical plan.
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  • I'm sorry, I am really ignorant to the facts about Obamcare. My son came home from work and said his job is not going to provide healthcare for him anymore. My husband is a die hard democrat, he says that republican congressmen added on a bunch of their own interests to the ACA in order to pass it, and that is why the bill is so messed up. Is there any truth to this? He believes every thing he reads in the newspaper and sees on NBC nightly news. I am a republican, more towards Independant since so many Republicans are so progressive now. Every time I disagree with him he just gets mad. He has no facts to back up his view. Where can I go to get the simple facts to back up mine?
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