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my president, brave and true,now when can we use obamacare!

ok was'nt the best time to seek the presidency,but this brave man Mr Obama beat so many odds,1st black person,1st on healthcare the re-election and more.I personally feel he is for me''not the middleclass but the povertyclass,yes lifelong poverty''Mr Obama if by chance u read this,thank you for some hope.there is plenty i dont understand,but i do know that you're workin hard for my level of class.i belive that even the outspoken people who say that they want you to fail with obamacare are deepdown darn glad that your plan is a success! **== now when can my son get his teeth fixed?when can we expect to be covered?


  • Hi @tony:

    Dental care is not included as part of ObamaCare/The Affordable Care Act, only medical.  

    If things go as planned, open enrollment is scheduled to start on October 1, 2013.  Following is a helpful timeline on Obamacare: http://www.healthcare.gov/law/timeline/

    That means starting 10/1/2013 you should be able to visit your State's web site for the medical plans and sign-up.

    Thank you,
  • ErcErc
    Posts: 1
    Hello Bob Moderator
     Can you tell me a little more on whatt to expect on Oct. 1 2013.Who pays for this health coverage? Me? My employer? What if I'm unemployed or disabled?

    Eric Dorfman
  • Hi @Erc:

    Great questions; thanks for your post!  

    If your employer offers insurance, you'll continue to have the option to sign-up with your employer's plan, similar to how it works pre-Obamacare.  Most employer plans require the employee to pay some of the cost as a payroll deduction.  

    Or, you can choose to sign-up directly at your State's Exchange/Marketplace web site as an individual/family.  In this case, you pay for the plan yourself.  Following is a great page that discusses some of the changes for individuals, including for low-income people, who may become eligible for Medicaid under Obamacare, or eligible for tax credits.

    Finally, the following page talks about benefits under Obamacare for people with disabilities: http://www.healthcare.gov/law/information-for-you/people-with-disabilities.html.

    Thanks again for your post!
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