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Do you fall into the "Medicaid Gap"?

edited August 2015 in Obamacare Debates and Opinions Posts: 2
Was your state among those that didn't expand Medicaid under the
Affordable Care Act this year? Do you fall into the "Medicaid Gap"? We are a financial segment of the news looking to interview someone about
their personal struggle with not being granted Medicaid due to their
state not offering the expansion. We are aiming for an on camera or Skype
interview this Thursday or Friday 10/16-10/17.


  • Posts: 24
    I fall into the gap. I'm in Tennessee. I'm not sure if I'll be able to afford any insurance when enrollment opens up, either. At the moment I would have to pay a minimum of 230$ a month. I couldn't afford that if I tripled the hours I work every week. It just isn't feasable.
  • I fell into the gap myself.  My older kids have insurance through their dad and my youngest has Medicaid through Social Security because she has a disability.  I am self employed so do not have the availability of benefits and my husband does not work.  It's a catch-22.  I make too much to qualify for Medicaid in Florida, but the cost of insurance otherwise is just not feasible for us.  And my husband and I both have chronic health problems, so it gets even more complicated.  Managing his diabetes without medical coverage has become a nearly devastating financial situation, to be sure.  I have to work more and more hours just to afford his care and then my healthcare gets shuffled off because my health problems seem minor to me in comparison.  
  • Thats just ridiculous! It almost feels like they are punishing the people just so they can take a stand against any and everything "Obama". But the sad fact is, I blame the state's politicians... who think letting poor people die is better than the billions in subsidies they would receive from the federal government.
  • Ours fell into the gap. I'm not sure how that will affect the current situation where it's at exactly, but we will see in time. For now it's good because it's simple! But of course they have to change things that are simple.
  • I was already receiving medicaid because I have children, but I wonder about those who can't get medicaid because they make too much money, but they can't afford the insurance on the plan either because they have other bills and other responsibilities. I used to work for the Department of Economic Security, and I know that there was all kinds of reasons for us to deny people.
  • I do agree that the gap shouldn't have been expanded. I didn't personally fall into that gap, but I know people that had something similar happen(with food stamps, though, not with Obamacare) and that extra makes it difficult for them to keep a lot of their money. It's a struggle.
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