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Your experience with the health coverage you've received through Obamacare?

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The anniversary of enrollment is coming up and I'd like to know what is your experience with the health insurance coverage you've received through the Affordable Care Act? 

For any of you that may be in the New York area, I’m specifically looking to interview folks on camera tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 and Monday at 2:30 here in Times Square.


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    This is the biggest load of horse crap I have ever encountered. First, I am required by law to buy into this or pay a heavy fine. So being a "good" citizen, I applied for this "insurance" which does me absolutely no good and after sending in a voided check and the paperwork for automatic payment drafts, guess what? They send me a letter saying they can't accept automatic drafts because I "have an open account balance". How in the world can I have a balance on insurance that I don't have? With insurance, you are not insured until you've paid, so if I'm not insured, I don't have an "open balance". Hey, guess what? The automatic draft was my PAYMENT method. Duh!

    So the way this system really "works" is, they have millions of people being forced to give them money for no product in return and that pays the bills for those who can afford a decent plan. How do you, Mr. Obama, consider this affordable health care for all?  My "plan" had a $6300 deductible, which I'd never be able to pay so I'd never use this. If I could pay a $6300 deductible, I'd be able to afford better insurance.
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    I know what you mean.Mr. Obama represents the billion dollar insurance companies.What ever happened to"No taxation without representation"? Go to this link,they want to impeach Obama. http://larouchepac.com/node/31737
  • I live in North Carolina and because I am currently unemployed there is no Obama Care for me.  I have been struggling to get care for some health issues but I have to wait under an indigent program through the state.  It's a crazy situation out here.  I'm not quite understanding it as I just moved here from California where I was fully covered under Medi-Cal.  It is so different everywhere you go I suppose.  I had no idea when I came here, I would not have any health care or sub-standard health care and I am on seizure medications so it has become quite challenging.  
  • @Eric @TESLA Looks like going out of their way to screw people out of the work of genius that Obama put into place, didn't get him illegally impeached afterall.Bummer  ;)

    The red states are responsible for making things all of this bs. But the fact is, if people stopped hating it JUST because they don't like our President, and started taking advantage of the possibilities that ACA has to offer, people would be in a lot better shape. The program isn't perfected; its a work in progress So stop "cutting off your nose to spite your face".
  • Anyone find it annoying to have to go through the entire application process to make a simple change? Everytime? 
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    Well when it comes to the actual coverage I cannot really say that I have any complaints.  The process for getting that coverage, though, well that is a while different story.  I went through a lot of loops and hoops in order to just the answers that I was trying to get.  I hope that others found it easier, but I am hearing a lot of the same so I am not sure this was the case.  Thanks for sharing.
  • At this time, I do not have insurance through obamacare, never have, never will. Its not affordable and I have heard from others who do have obamacare, that its not all that great. Peoples deductables are still high, as well as the monthly payments! 
  • We had insurance through the Marketplace for two years.  The sticker shock was immediate and huge, regardless of a subsidy.  The plans offered were substandard and overpriced and every physician I tried to make inquires about were rated poor or mediocre, with waiting times running longer than an hour once one arrived at their office. So much for keeping my doctor.
    Fine, we paid out of pocket for the doctors we wished to see, being fairly healthy people, and still made that onerous healthcare payment every month.  This worked after a fashion, or at least we were able to limp along in our leaky little financial boat and still make the bills every month.
    The following year I had a major heart attack.  4 stents worth of heart repair and a 4 day stay in the ICU.  Please bear in mind that we did not buy cheap insurance before you read any further. This stay at the hospital cost us more than $20,000.00 in uncovered services and deductibles, and we received a note on the $4600 bill from the surgeon's office stating that we don't take your insurance, we're not filing it for you, pay up.  And the so called "life vest" that was billed to me at the rate of $100/day, to make sure I didn't suddenly keel over, was practically forced upon me via scare tactics to make me wear home. Another $9600.00 of uncovered expenses, an expense I was assured would be covered by my insurance. More lies.
    I ask you, if I could barely afford the premium, where on earth would this additional very large sum of money come from to pay these other expenses?
    It gets better.  I filed my 1095A with my taxes and when the refund came, it was several thousand dollars short of what I anticipated because, get this, the IRS decided that I did not buy marketplace insurance through the marketplace, so they were disallowing my deduction for that.  However, if I dropped the pursuit of the money I felt I was due, they would not bring charges against me.  For what?  For claiming money that I was entitled to?  I sent proof that I did buy Marketplace insurance, that form that very clearly said Marketplace Insurance Statement on it.  They told me to sue them in federal court, I wasn't getting the money due me.
    When we first signed up for heath insurance from the marketplace, we received correspondence requiring everyone in the family to prove we were citizens.  I didn't like it, but I sent the requested documents in, return receipt requested. The year after the debacle with actually using the Marketplace insurance, we bit it and bought private, unsubsidized insurance the following year.  For more than $1500/month for two of us.  
    Some time later, I received a letter from the Marketplace requesting information for the current year, threatening that if we did not comply with the request, we would lose our subsidy if my husband did not provide proof of his citizenship for the second time in three years.
    I lost it.  Though polite, I called the Marketplace and told them that I had sent proof of citizenship for my spouse two years ago, return receipt requested, and I would not be sending it again.  Then I nicely and calmly said, "Let me get this straight:  You are threatening to take away a subsidy we aren't getting for marketplace insurance we didn't buy because you cannot find his previously submitted proof that he was a citizen.  Did you think perhaps he had defected within two years?  Their response:  "Those things are sent out randomly and we don't know why you got one."  My answer was that random seemed to be the most polite word I could think of for this paper pushing busywork and I would not be complying.  
    Health insurance now costs two people as much money per year as I once earned in an entire year, and this is obscene.  These robbers in three piece suits are taking us for a ride, selling us "insurance" that has as much actual coverage as a stripper's g-string, and I cannot believe that they and their sidekick, Big Pharma, are allowed to ride roughshod over the American people who are not lucky enough to have an employer group health insurance plan.
    It's sickening and I occasionally hope I die before our money runs out so my husband has a chance to eat more than cat food in what are supposed to be his golden years.
  • You should get mad at your state's political leaders for not expanding Medicaid.
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    I was always under the assumption that Obamacare was supposed to work well with Medicaid, but that is not really what I have been hearing.  I used to work a lot with Medicaid and there are certainly some flaws there, but it does help a lot of people so I am curious to hear a little bit more.
  • guyguy
    Posts: 10
    I actually had this one job where I was a full time employee, but they had us working part time hours. They had a plan that was $200 a month, or one for $250 a month. No one there had checks over $300 dollars, so this is pretty much the whole check for one week, and also who can make a living as a single person making $750 a month.

    You won't get approved for anything that you need, no apartment, no car financing, but any type of insurance will take your money. They don't care, and then deny you coverage for whatever reason they can think of when you request it.

    I never had coverage because of the prices, I've never went to the doctor, and if I did I wouldn't need to pay more than $100 dollars cash for a visit, so no need for insurance. I'm pretty young. 
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