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Obamacare insurance not accepted by my doctor

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    so i figured the new obama care insurance ment that the doctors had to accept the insurance but i see that is not so mine charged me for what the insurance did not cover. so what gives. if that is how it is then why do we have this obama care anyway.
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    Thats why people want Obama impeached.He just forces you to buy you're own insurance.The government puts $0 in you're healthcare.I pay $60 for my asthma medicine per month cash.With Obamacare,I pay $127 per month and I still pay the $60 for the medicine.It's a $2,000 per year deductible.He has almost quadrupled the cost of my healthcare.Billion dollar insurance companies make out like a bandit while the middle class gets wacked!.It's just like what George Carlin said."America: the upper class makes all the money,pays little taxes,the middle class does all the work,pays all the taxes,the lower class, just scares the crap out of the middle class"
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    We need something new.Something the United States has never seen in it's history! A politician that actually represents the people.That actually helps eases the tax burden on the people.What a concept! No drafting kids and forcing them into wars that congress creates.Cutting government spending and actually give the people of the U.S. money. Not giving Israel and Egypt 4 billion a year but giving this back to the people of the U.S.!!!!
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  • Exactly Eric...Since this whole ObamaCare thing went into place I have seen so many of my family and friends lose their jobs because some big companies laid off so many people to take on this healthcare burden.  It's complete insanity and saddens me that so many Americans are so deeply effected by it.  Something needs to happen soon or we are going to be in even a worse situation.  
  • @Eric  Kentucky is receiving a huge amount of money, and all they had to do to get it was cover every resident with medicaid. THAT was what Obama did. Like I said before, if your state isn't doing it, you should write your governor. You need to look at your state has chosen to do considering Obamacare instead of complaining about the one person who was thinking about EVERYONE getting covered.
  • Weren't you supposed to check with your doctor to find out what insurance he accepted before signing up for a plan? I mean that's what they tell you to do when you get insurance from your job. I don't understand why you didn't do that. How is it Obama's fault that you chose the wrong insurance?
  • You might need to find another doctor then! I'm surprised it's not accepted by them, but I bet it will be in the future because most people will have this type of insurance.
  • I went to the Obamacare website and saw  that there were so many different insurance companies offering Obamacare that I ended up leaving it and speaking to an insurance agent who was trained to help me select the best plan. I don't think my doctor even knows that I receive a rebate on my policy threw Obamacare. He just knows that he gets paid a certain amount through my insurance and I pay a certain amount to him. It's not optimal as I would rather my employer had a group plan and helped with the premiums but it's better than no insurance at all. Perhaps you could contact a local agent for help in selecting a plan that your doctor takes?
  • Your doctors call the shots here. You choose the company you get it through, the doctor already has or has not set up contracts with that company. It's the same with other healthcare companies, as well, and you didn't blame the doctors then. 
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    Well I am not one hundred percent on the legal issues here, but that does sound a little strange.  It is interesting to see how @Maelalove put it above, and seeing it like that is kind of alarming now.  It is true, though, but I guess it seems a little strange when you are supposed to have the law behind you.  The mitigated disaster or at least significant headache continues.
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