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Cover Oregon makes my 2 years old son be without insurance for months :(

I am writing this for my son. We live in Bend OR. Last December 2013, we sent our application to Cover Oregon to apply for our new insurance. At the end of January 2014, we received the enrollment packet from Cover Oregon that we should apply private insurance for all our family. Then we chose lifewise and submit through their website. Two week later, when I called Cover Oregon about our submission. One of Cover Oregon's employees told me they made a mistake and our two years old son supposed to be qualified OHP Healthy kids program with no cost. After that, Cover Oregon notified our insurance company to take our son out of our family plan. BUT since then, our son has never been enrolled in the OHP health kids. Till now, my son has no insurance since February. Recently he has eye problem and also his two years old regular checkup is coming up in May. I called to Cover Oregon several times, they always say they are processing our case but no timeline to give. I think this is wrong not only because I am mother, but as a citizen, Cover Oregon has the power to control our insurance options but let our son be without insurance for months. If anything happened to my son during such "process" time, seriously we would be in helpless and miserable situation.

I wish someone would read my message and knows that what Cover Oregon is doing to people. It is not right, it needs to be corrected soon. We need a timeline, we need this to be solved right now.


  • Hi @Ronderg:

    Thanks for posting your issue in the forum!

    Did Cover Oregon finally process your son's OHP enrollment?

  • Posts: 3
    They did. 2 reasons I figured. first, I can't help crying during ther last phone call with them. Second, I wrote to President Obama, 10 days later, there was an officer called me to investigate.
  • Hi @Ronderg :

    Thanks for updating your case.  Happy to hear your 2 yr. old was able to get the proper insurance.
  • I've been hearing about way more technicalities than O expected to, this late in the game. I spoke with my ex yesterday. He was telling me about a problem my daughter was having with a particular spot on her back/spine. They are in Kentucky, so as soon as it was enacted the state gave everyone in the family a medical card, right off the bat. They got a number of letters that told them if they wanted to change policies or companies to contact a certain office, but if they were happy with it they needed to just ignore the letter. Apparently, the state got confused by the word "ignore". Because now all of their medical cards have been cancelled due to them not doing anything. Honestly, if it isn't cleared up soon I'm going to suggest that me ex write a letter like you did, @Ronderg
  • Sounds like your good old fashioned bureaucratic incompetence at work here.  This is certainly frustrating, and what is worse is that you are probably not alone here.  It is so sad that these things can happen to a two year old, who we all know have their fair share of necessary doctor visits.  I am so sad to hear, and I really hope that change you speak of does happen, but forgive me if I am not confident it will happen soon. Thanks for sharing.
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