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Subsidies will be cut if 2014 income is not proven!? What to do?

I'm self-employed but had no income for 2013. I estimated my income for 2014 as $11500. The eligibility results for Federal subsidies that were generated for me is asking me to provide estimated proof of income for 2014 by 4/29/14 or I will lose my subsidies. Since I'm self employed I am guessing they would need an unemployment ledger.

The problem is they don't know where to find an employment ledger. I found something that might work at https://www.state.sd.us/eforms/secure/eforms/E0990V1-SelfEmploymentLedger.pdf

Does anyone know of a better one or what to do? It seems ludicrous to ask for proof of income for a year that hasn't occurred yet.

Thank you,


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  • Hello I am having the same problem and I am not sure what to do. I estimated to high for 2014 so I have to file less taxes . I now am n the same position agan . Did they cut your subsidy? Did they just reinstate it ? Any help you could throw my way would be helpful . What a nightmare .
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    Due to medical problems I earned zero in 2014 even though I sent in an employment ledger for $11,500. Didn't file a tax return either. In 2015 I sent in another estimated employment ledger for $12,000. On 8-10 I got a letter from the IRS that if I don't file taxes for 2014 I will lose my assistance for 2016. So I guess I'll file a zero tax return. But I'm still getting subsidies. Eventually I'll be forced on to disability and Medicaid I suppose.
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    Let me also mention they did try to cut my subsidies last month because I didn't file my 2014 tax return and they couldn't verify my income that way. So I just sent in a employment ledger for 2015 for an estimated $12,000 (the minimum amount was raised for 2015 to 12k). They reinstated it. So far so good but the IRS says I need to file even if I made less than what's required by law for filing or I will lose my subsidies. The Catch 22 is I'll probably lose my subsidies anyway once they use my zero'd out tax form as proof of income.
  • Thank You so much
  • So, what do you do if you are unemployed? How do you prove you have zero income?  I guess that was a dumb question as it's pretty obvious but still the government is always wondering what you are up to and why you haven't been filing your taxes.  Ugh!
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    If you have zero income you don't qualify for subsidies. You must earn over $12,000 or more a year. You were supposed to be able to qualify for Medicaid but due to a Supreme Court ruling states aren't required to expand Medicaid to people under 65. So if you live in a Republican dominated state that refused to expand Medicaid such as Florida, the only way is to keep sending in a estimated Self Employment Ledger until they won't accept it any longer. But like I said now the IRS is trying to compel us to file a tax return even though it's not required by law. However, filing a tax return is a requirement of receiving subsidies. So what the letter says is even though you may not be required to file one due to having not enough income you need to file one if you want to keep receiving subsidies. Yet the Catch 22 is that if you earn less than is required to file you don't qualify for subsidies anyway.
  • I'm in the same spot. I really hope we can count on Obama to come up with some solutions before he leaves office. Not knowing who will be in office next makes it really hard to count on them getting fixed after he's gone.
  • Turn off the TV. It's not the president, it's the Congress that is in charge of getting those things done and with a Republican majority Congress don't expect much. You're pretty much on your own in this country. Always were.
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