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Am I eligible to apply for Obama care and subsidy?

edited August 2015 in Obamacare Debates and Opinions Posts: 1
My annual income for 2013 is $63500. I am working in CA on work permit H1B for small IT consulting firm We are three members in family. My wife is Homemaker. We have daughter of age 5 years. My employer is charging $1200 per month as health insurance. Employer is not paying anything towards the insurance. Am I eligible to apply for Obama care and subsidy? 
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    Yes, you can apply, anyone can apply.  Whether you will  qualify for any subsidy depends on whether your employer offered insurance is less than 9.6% (I think-it is 9.something) of your income and if the policy itself meets the requirements as "adequate".  Best bet, just go on  the Ca site-I think Cal has it's own, and see what you qualify for.....
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    if you qualify for a subsidy it will be based on your 2012 income because they don't know what your income was in 2013 yet. So, if your income fluctuates from year to year it might not be worth using the subsidy. You might be able to lower the cost of insurance significantly by buying a non government compliant plan and paying the tax penalty next spring.
  • I would certainly attempt to apply. You might find a savings in applying. I think if your employer is not offering any payment subsidies with the insurance offered to you, it is cruel and inhumane. It has been my opinion that if you can get group health through your employer that the employer would necessarily offer you a discount on said insurance.
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    I mistakingly thought California was one of the states that offers it to everyone for free. I live exactly one ile below the Ky - Tn state line. Kentucky offers it to everyone. So I'm one mile from free health insurance and it breaks my heart. Its not an option to move or I would, just for that.
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