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Where can you get proper questions answered?

1. How is it appropriate to threaten and penalize people who don't wan't to sign up for obamacare?
The threats are hollow so it's funny "We will fine you (unless you get sub-par tax returns anyway." Even still; why should the government be able to browbeat people?

2. If too few people sign up, will Obamacare go away?
The fact that so many people hate it should be enough for it to get shut down. I get that Obama hasn't had a very effective presidency and he needs to have brought something to the table. Why would he compromise the economy even worse just for his own vanity? That isn't how a president should behave!

The entire initiation of the Affordable Care Act was botched. Is there anything the general public can do to get a better healthcare system? It should really be up to the people. It's easy to post a few success stories and pretend like people love it but only sheep buy those facts. 
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  • I totally agree. I wish people would wake up and fight back against it! It's not right at all. And they really don't have a right to do that. I love your user name by the way.
  • 1) They aren't hollow threats, you're required to pay the penalty during tax season.
    2) No. If too few people sign up, that won't be the reason for Obamacare going away. 

    I believe the whole point is to provide coverage for the vast number of American citizens that don't have any healthcare at all. Medical bills is one of the leading causes for bankruptcy in America. When you look at other countries, universal health care is the norm and they look at the US as being behind. Americans for some reason believe we have the best available healthcare in the world. We don't even crack the top ten. We're so far behind, but the general public doesn't want change, because we're so used to the system the way it is. 
  • Again agreeing with HealthyPursuit. In a lot of other countries, the healthcare is actually worked into the taxes, and that's why it looks like its "free" although it isn't. The medical industry is high in the fraud department, and can create more debt in the economy and for the average person. The reform is a means to an end to fix it. 
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    I'm in total agreement with the last 2 posts, being from the UK the outside view of Americas healthcare system in not a positive one. We pay taxes to give us healthcare that is free at the point of use and the US system of insurance just seems crazy, your healthcare system is no where near adequate and so many US citizens are suffering because of it. You need a complete reform and to take a look at how other developed countries are doing it, I sometimes think that this popular belief in the US that you are the greatest country out there and that you are leading the way in all avenues needs a serious shake up, American pride is damaging your country.
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    Where I can tell you where you cannot get proper answers, and those are all the resources that they put out there that are supposed to help.  I am perhaps being a little biased just given my negative experience with the whole system, but I have yet to find anyone who can answer questions in the way that I am looking.  Every time it is deflected onto something else, but oh well.  I am curious about how the systems like the above users mention work, and for that I might need to do a little research.  Thanks for sharing.
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