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Will individuals without Health Insurance be required to buy ins. under ObamaCare?

If I'm presently unemployed and I do not have health insurance, will I be required to buy ins. under Obamacare?


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    Yes, everyone (with a few exceptions show below) age 26 and over will be required to purchase health insurance. There will be a variety of coverage options at different prices. If you don't have coverage, you'll pay a penalty to the IRS.

    The penalty will be $95 for individuals/$285 for families or 1% of your annual income, whichever is higher.

    The following are except from purchasing health insurance starting in 2014:
    • Undocumented immigrants
    • People of certain religious beliefs
    • Members of Native American tribes
    • Individuals with an income below $9,350
    • Families with a collective income below $18,700
    • Anyone who must pay more than 8 percent of annual income toward insurance after employer contributions
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    Careful with the penalty amounts- although the penalty ("tax") for 2014 is $95, that amount dramatically increases in subsequent years. Moreover, if you don't make more than four times the federal poverty line, you may be eligible for subsidies.
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  • Yes they have to or there is a penalty. I remember hearing about that many times on the radio right before 2015 began.

  • This seems to be the issue that nobody is really sure on.  So far, I have heard that this tax for not having insurance is pretty laughable.  Not at the amount, but more in the ability to dodge it and/or lie about it.  I am not really sure what I think on the whole issue yet, but I would say that we might see some of these legal issues changed here pretty soon.  We shall see though, I guess.
  • Technically, yes, your suppose to. If you do not have insurance, thats why the provide obamacare. Yet, the "catch" is, its still not all that cheap!! For me alone, was over $100 a month. Im sorry, but I cant add that in my budget, especially since I never go to the doctor. 
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