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  • Obama Care insurance did not decrease the premiums!

    Obama Care insurance did not decrease the premiums! The premiums are the same.Yes,Mr. Obama had tax hikes.That money went towards another war in Iraq.I am looking for another country to live in.I don't like someone that calls this "affordable".Every American that needed health insurance got nothing but a big bill.The insurance companies make billions on Obama Care.The Federal government should investigate to find out what motivates him into stiffing every citizen.
    By limiting the profit margin for insurance company's and increasing the number of insured, basic economics tells us, by simple mathematics, costs of premiums will decrease.
    Secondly, the removal of pre-existing conditions will reduce the amount one pays out of pocket. Most company's pre Obamacare would require a 90 day probationary period before insurance was offered and if one went without coverage for more than 62 days they fell into the pre-existing clause. There is no synergy with this. Now having that removed it will reduce the anxiety associated with the whole process therefore reducing the amount of stress put on the population reducing the visits and medications.

  • Submit Your Vote in our Poll: Will ObamaCare increase or decrease the cost of health insurance?

    The biggest fighters against Obamacare are hiding. They are the insurance companies. Makes you wonder why? Could it be that the insurance companies are now forced to pay out a percent of what profits they take in back to their customers.
     I think eventually insurance prices will go down as there will now be more competition. Maybe not hospital and doctor bills but the insurance companies would have to pay most of that.

    By the way BobMod (giggle cute name), Obama didn't name the affordable care act after himself. The Republicans named it that as a smear against AFCA. To try and discourage people from liking it. The name was not so offensive as the Repub's thought it would be and it stuck and will go forward from now on known as Obamacare.
  • Why are you not signing up for health coverage through the Affordable Care Act?

    I haven't signed up for it becasue I can not afford it, plan and simple.  It cost me about 200-250 a month and I don't go to the doctor enough to justify it.  I go to our local clinic and it cost 100 for anyone to have a doctor appointment, I go about 3-4 times a year so paying 400 dollars a year is better to me then paying 200-250 a month for something I won't use often.  
  • Obamacare insurance not accepted by my doctor

    so i figured the new obama care insurance ment that the doctors had to accept the insurance but i see that is not so mine charged me for what the insurance did not cover. so what gives. if that is how it is then why do we have this obama care anyway.
  • Obamacare: Socialism At Its Best

    You stated in your first post that you were not entitled to a subsidy NOW. That fact is based on your income and not on what car you drive.
    You sound like you don't want a solution. You sound like you just want to scream against Socialism, something you obviously don't understand.
    Enjoy your high premiums with Birther and Chief.