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  • Obamacare: Socialism At Its Best

    You stated in your first post that you were not entitled to a subsidy NOW. That fact is based on your income and not on what car you drive.
    You sound like you don't want a solution. You sound like you just want to scream against Socialism, something you obviously don't understand.
    Enjoy your high premiums with Birther and Chief.
  • Obamacare: Socialism At Its Best

    I hate misinformation. The US has a medical system for Seniors over 65 that is Socialism. It works quite well with the government and the citizen sharing costs.
    Obamacare was setup to share costs. If your income is too high, as yours is, you will have to pay more. The reason Obamacare is failing is there was never a public option (Socialism) to stop greedy insurance companies. That was Obama's fault. BUT the Republican House is the one to blame. The House stopped funding their share so the insurance companies dropped all costs on You.
    Socialism for medical is like water. We need it to live. Socialized medicine is the only solution for Countries that care about their citizens.
  • Do you think Obamacare will be repealed with the change of President after the next election?

    I am not sure why RWT wants his fellow Americans to die from lack of health care ...

    I think this question has already been answered by the way that the Republicans, leading up to the latest SCOTUS case concerning ObamaRomneyHeritageCare, were falling all over themselves to assure nervous constituents that their premium tax credit would not be rescinded.  The "plans" that they have been coming up as replacement all keep the major tenets of ObamaRomneyHeritageCare intact (although less generous with the tax credit), with the major exception of the mandates. both on employers (of a certain size) & individuals; their plans completely dispense with the employer mandate (which I agree with as the best way to ensure the political viability of ObamaRomneyHeritageCare is to take away the ability of folks to get tax-advantaged coverage via their employer, forcing them into the individual market, the strengthening of which is what ObamaRomneyHeritageCare was all about), but seem to come up with a quirky rule that folks who do not keep coverage lose the right to purchase regulated coverage.  This last part is the typical, cynical way that Republicans operate: get a law that sounds great at first, but that later becomes bad; in this case, what would happen is that folks would find out that they are both sick and not eligible to get coverage, thereby making those gutless t3rds put back in the guaranteed issue, but without the individual mandate, which would really screw over folks who wouldn't get a tax credit based on the cot of coverage.
  • I cannot afford insurance. What am I suppose to do.

    Not to be rude but this is the reason that everyone needs to purchase insurance - and now we actually have ways to do it. Asking the taxpayers to continue to cover you and your family isn't right.  You will need healthcare - your family will need healthcare - and others will pay for that trip to the ER.  Depending on which state you are in there are many choices (unless you are in MS where we have pretty much one choice and it's crappy).

    Here is the info on how what qualifies you to not purchase the insurance - if the cost is more than 8% of your income then you don't have to.

  • I'm young, healthy and presently do not have health insurance. Am I required to sign-up???

    Am I forced to purchase a government certified health care plan? There is no more shopping around allowed for healthcare plans? It's like everyone being forced to purchase an iPhone from ATT. The price would go up, and quality of service would go down because ATT and Apple would know you have no other choices, and you have to buy, under government threat.