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  • Why are you not signing up for health coverage through the Affordable Care Act?

    I haven't signed up for it becasue I can not afford it, plan and simple.  It cost me about 200-250 a month and I don't go to the doctor enough to justify it.  I go to our local clinic and it cost 100 for anyone to have a doctor appointment, I go about 3-4 times a year so paying 400 dollars a year is better to me then paying 200-250 a month for something I won't use often.  
  • It's been years now...

    Folks would not have a problem if there were no mandates, both the employer and moreso the individual.  They are also bellyaching about limited networks (for the cheaper policies), but these folks were bitching about how the HMOs did that in the '90s.  And they are understandably mad that the policies seem to cost so much more (even though a lot of folks get a tax credit that makes the cost less) than what they had in the individual market - but they don't understand that those policies were either junky (i.e., didn't really cover anything serious, but they didn't learn about this as they had been healthy and didn't get into the status of needing serious coverage) and/or were based on the fact that they were healthy and so did not represent the actuarial risk of the population at-large (i.e., sick folks weren't able to buy those policies priced for healthy folks), and that the ACA policies mandate unlimited coverage, while their pre-ACA policies had some sort of limit (which may have seemed to be high, but once you get into hard cancer and exotic diseases are not high enough).  I have read that this unlimited provision could be the reason for a whole quarter of the ACA policies.  And finally you have the standard libertarian and conservative curmudgeons who always complain about redistribution and "control from Washington".

    With that said, there are some folks who didn't like the pre-ACA system and rightfully have determined that the ACA doesn't really control costs the way that they think a more market-based system would.  The problem is that once health care is considered an essential human need (like food, clothing, shelter), it cannot be subject to the vagaries of the free market.  The best thing that the ACA has done is satisfy this need, and there is no political way that this need will not be addressed in any replacement, no matter what the about-to-crack-up Republican Party thinks.  And there are some folk who respond that they disfavor the ACA because they are for Medicare-For-All, even though they prefer the having the ACA rather than not.
  • Do you think Obamacare will be repealed with the change of President after the next election?

    I am sure the next president will make changes to the current health care system. That's really going to suck for everyone who struggled to become a part of it. I wonder if there is any type of clause that protects people that enjoy the new health care and are satisfied with it. If there isn't, just a question for those out there that went through the process of getting new health care, did it cost you a lot of money or was it something that was already in your budget when you changed? If it did cost I think the next president should make sure any changes they make will not negatively affect anyone up front.
  • Started New Business -- Can I still enroll

    Hi kingofsting.  My name is Lee, and I'm a licensed insurance agent.

    Like Bob said one way that you can qualify to enroll in a plan would be if starting your business made you have a loss of insurance coverage because of leaving a job.  

    Other qualifying events would be:
    • Moving from one zip code to another
    • Change in family dynamics; ie. marriage, divorce (coverage ending), child birth, adoption, or giving a child up for adoption
    • Any loss of minimum essential coverage including COBRA or Medicaid (Medi-Cal)
    • Return from active military service
    • Court order to purchase insurance or filed bankrupcy
    • Or release from incarceration
    If you have any of these qualifying events you can enroll in a plan starting December 1st.  If not you can enroll during the open enrollment period, starting Sunday, November 1st for a January 1st effective date.

    If you need help exploring your health insurance options and enrolling into a plan feel free to give me a call or an email.  My information is below.  

    Lee Daigle
    CA License 0H63288
  • ObamaCare is an abomination. It's going to destroy healthcare in America!

    I believe the medical industry needs to have better controls in place. The insurance industry also, but if a plan is implemented in the United States it always affects the individuals more than the corporations. It's hard for individuals to wade through all the legal mumbo jumbo in the Affordable Health Care Act so the government knows we will do what we have to do. No Health Insurance is not something we should be penalized for but rather than fix wages and jobs they found this way to make us pay. A tax penalty is just like a tax rate increase if you ask me. 
  • Which side's fault for my regular preventive exam can not be covered?

    Maybe my Grandfather had it right. He would refuse to answer any questions. He would say, "you're the doctor, you tell me if there's anything wrong!"
  • Does Medicare qualify for ObamaCare Health Insurance?

    Hi Gary:  If you qualify for and have Medicare then you should not have to pay the penalty,but I think you need to file a form with your taxes declaring you're on medicare.  I would talk to your tax person about that.
  • Cover Oregon makes my 2 years old son be without insurance for months :(

    They did. 2 reasons I figured. first, I can't help crying during ther last phone call with them. Second, I wrote to President Obama, 10 days later, there was an officer called me to investigate.
  • Is there a non-exchange website to get premium data?

    I am trying to find out what is *exactly* the 2nd lowest cost Silver plan for my situation (i.e., location, age, smoking status).  This cannot be done using the Health Care Marketplace without cancelling the current application, which of course is far too onerous.  It is possible to get an "estimate", but that is insufficient.  I understand that some folks have set up website to tap into this data and present it.
  • 2015 penelty exemption

    Does anyone know what the exemptions are for 2015. Will you still be able to use the "my old insurance was cancelled and I found the new policies to be unaffordable(kind of ironic)?